MEXICO CITY– TSL Products, manufacturer of surround sound microphones and processing, audio monitoring, broadcast control systems and power management solutions, will showcase its extended range of innovative audio solutions at Telemundo Expo Cine Video Television Show 2013 (on AMTEC Stand A1). Featured at the show will be the SoundField DSF-B Digital Broadcast Microphone System, new PAM PiCo Five hand-held audio monitoring and loudness meter, the new SAM1-3GM Studio Audio Monitoring Unit and the PAM2 MK2 Audio Monitoring unit supporting new Dolby CAT 1100 card features.

“We’re now being recognized across North, Central and South America for producing pioneering technologies that maximize content delivery, while providing easy-to-use, straightforward tools for broadcasters. We are very pleased to show off this critical equipment to the attendees of this year’s Telemundo Expo,” said Chris Exelby, Managing Director of TSL PPL.

SoundField DSF-B Digital Broadcast Package:

The SoundField DSF-B digital broadcast package, consisting of a DSF-2 surround microphone, DSF-2 controller and DSF-3 processor, provides simultaneous digital surround and stereo soundscapes of small-scale and large-scale outside broadcast events, such as sports stadiums and concert hall venues. It removes the need for multiple arrays, generating multi-channel audio from a single point source. Additionally, it offers downmix compatibility with mono or stereo. The microphone parameters can be controlled remotely, including orientation, angle, pickup pattern and rotation. This system is already in use for a variety of applications, including major football matches in Mexico.

PAM PiCo Five Audio and Loudness Meter:

The PAM PiCo family is available in five models, offering comprehensive audio metering functions for a variety of broadcast operator positions, music production and post-production environments. PAM PiCo Five is the latest addition, offering a new logging software application for instant documentation, visualization and evaluation of any source passing through the meter unit. The software package, which is also available as an option for all other PAM PiCo models, also provides a logging session database. This allows session data to be safely stored, indentified and instantly searched for quick retrieval. Session data may be exported as a PDF or CSV files, to streamline the creation of loudness data documents for presentations on compliance. The unit is a compact, yet comprehensively-equipped, standalone audio and loudness meter featuring the revolutionary StarFish™ surround sound display. As found in all PAM PiCo metering products, ITU, EBU ATSC and ARIB loudness measurement is supported for plug-and-play compatibility worldwide.

SAM1-3GM Audio Monitoring Unit:

TheSAM1-3GM Studio Audio Monitoring Unit gives broadcasters an agile and intuitive operating system for daily live television production. Its 1U format provides instant visual feedback in a 20 bargraph display of 16 channel sources of an embedded SDI signal. Additionally, two auxiliary analog or AES input channels can be mixed into the monitoring chain, allowing users to listen to their external sources such as intercom, ideal when working with headphones. The cost-effective SAM1-3GM allows the user to allocate individual channel formats as stereo, mono and 5.1, with the immediate ability to downmix surround sound sources for precise stereo compatibility monitoring. Channels can also be mixed with a single button to achieve individual level trims and channel balance/pan control. The resulting “mix” output is then available for use as a line-level analog or AES feed.

The SAM1-3GM offers monitoring bargraphs and scales for all international standards. Similarly, the unit’s 10 stereo bargraph pairs can be individually labeled with up to a 10-character mnemonic. When installed as a monitor destination and attached to an SDI router, the unit allows the user to see an immediate overview of all 16 embedded audio channels, with quick and simplistic configuration for monitoring individual programs within the stream, regardless of whether they are mono, stereo or 5.1 discrete audio. Other noteworthy features of the SAM1-3GM audio monitoring unit include Scroll to Hear channel selection, master output volume with cut/dim, menu level use for IP setups, the efficient management of onboard preset memories and USB save/recall and software updates.


TSL Products continues to implement the new feature enhancements of Dolby’s CAT 1100 module, a platform for comprehensive decoding and monitoring of key Dolby audio formats used throughout the HD broadcast chain, into its PAM2 MK2 unit. One of the first audio monitors to ever implement the CAT-1100, extended capabilities regarding Loudness of the PAM2 MK2 include Loudness Range (LRA) and Leq metering that as well as the ATSC and EBU loudness standards. Furthermore, the PAM2 MK2 also is the first audio monitor capable of measuring loudness values from two programs simultaneously by utilizing the CAT-1100 and PAM2’s onboard processing at the same time.

With an SDI output connection to export display information to an external video monitor, a front-panel USB port for preset save/recall management and an Ethernet port to provide network connectivity to system management software applications, the PAM2 MK2 is one of the most concise and flexible multi-channel audio devices available. Additionally, the Ethernet connection provides users with control system integration.