Grade Your Color With A Free Webinar From Moviola

Take the guesswork out of color grading with help from Moviola.

While color correction can be one of the most daunting tasks in the post-production workflow, it is also one of the most critical. Grading your footage can be the difference between a flat, forgettable production and a memorable experience where the images pop on the screen. That’s why Moviola has announced a free live webinar on May 21st at 11:30 AM PDT. The webinar will cover color grading from start to finish, including a discussion on how we see color and how to interpret that into effective color correction. Viewers will walk away with a deeper understanding the color grading process, as well as techniques to use with tools available in the major NLE systems.

Presenter Patrick Inhofer is a professional colorist / finisher and owner of the New Jersey-based boutique He’s a 23-year veteran of the New York Citypost-production community. Patrick takes his experience working at high-end full-service New York City post houses and delivers those same services tolow- and mid- budget productions, bringing them high- quality workflows at competitive prices.

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