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Stage Tec Software Release 4.5 for AURUS and CRESCENDO Delivers Important New Features

Las Vegas, NV – NAB Booth N1424… At NAB, Stage Tec will present some new audio processing features for AURUS and CRESCENDO, which are included in the new Software Release 4.5.

With Software Release 4.5, it is now possible to activate a bypass function for each individual aux VCA in all AURUS and CRESCENDO systems. This feature—exclusive to Stage Tec consoles—is in demand for rehearsals with live event and sound reinforcement feeds.

Another new feature addresses VCA group hierarchy. A channel can now be assigned to several VCA groups, and additional groupings can also be made. There are a total of 30 VCA groups to choose from.

Due to popular demand, the ITU-R 775-3-compliant automatic stereo downmix with level correction is available when routing 5.1 sources to stereo groups. This feature is provided for the AURUS and CRESCENDO and is mainly used in broadcast environments.

Another feature is the internal tone generator, which can now be accessed in the center section of AURUS and CRESCENDO. Hence, it is now possible to configure the mixing console even if the NEXUS audio network is not yet connected. This feature makes life much easier for broadcast users (e.g. in OB vans).

The newly developed M/S decoder is now available automatically on input channels in all Stage Tec mixing consoles. An integrated upmix process enables decoded M/S signals or stereo signals to be mixed automatically to multichannel buses. This feature is of particular interest to post-production users.

About Stage Tec

An independent company based in Berlin, Germany, Stage Tec Entwicklungsgesellschaft für professionelle Audiotechnik GmbH has specialized in developing and manufacturing digital audio equipment. Its flagship products include the digital routers NEXUS and NEXUS STAR as well as the professional mixing consoles AVATUS, AURUS platinum, CRESCENDO platinum, AURATUS and ON AIR flex.

Assisted by a business partner, Stage Tec was established in 1993 by 13 engineers (nearly all of whom still work there). The company is headed by Dr. Helmut Jahne, who was one of the founding members of the Stage Tec team and who continues to drive the technological supremacy of the product lines.

A leading pioneer in the transition from analogue to digital audio technology, Stage Tec has an international reputation and raised the bar in digital audio technology with a continuous stream of developments and innovations. Today, Stage Tec offers a comprehensive range of products ranging from the smallest to the largest of mixing consoles.