ChyronHego Releases PRIME 3.5

MELVILLE, N.Y. — April 2, 2019 — ChyronHego today introduced PRIME 3.5, the next generation of the company's universal graphics platform. This latest version is packed with technological advancements, authoring and playout workflow improvements, and purpose-built offerings to serve a wide variety of market segments. PRIME 3.5 incorporates Click Effects PRIME 3.5, ChyronHego's turnkey graphics-authoring solution for sports teams and arenas to make live, stadium-based presentations almost as exciting as what's actually happening on the field.

In an industry first, with PRIME 3.5 ChyronHego is unveiling powerful new end-to-end high dynamic range (HDR) capabilities for creating native HDR graphics and outputting them to HDR channels, including instant compatibility with SDR content within an HDR playout realm, eliminating the need to recreate legacy SDR content.

Expanding its GPU capabilities, PRIME 3.5 allows producers to scale up to a much higher number of pixels per physical output, or scale across multiple outputs, even at UHD resolutions. Allowing for multiple PRIME render engines to render in unison offers an even greater scalability to the ever-increasing need for pixels, all perfectly synchronized with all-new, frame-accurate output synchronization.

"Driven by the industry's most powerful rendering engine, PRIME Graphics provides a single, easy-to-use 4K- and IP-ready graphics design and playout platform for better storytelling in the studio or in the stadium," said Teus Groenwoud, director of product development at ChyronHego. "News producers, for instance, can deliver anything from a simple lower third or news ticker to a sophisticated and eye-catching video wall behind the anchor, or a touch screen that a reporter can use to illustrate the story. And now, with GPU power, PRIME is unleashing an almost infinite range of creative possibilities for producing stunning AV presentations for any canvas and in any resolution — even synchronized, multiscreen LEDs."

Groenwoud added, "Never before has so much channel density been packed into a single graphics-rendering engine. PRIME 3.5 can push greater numbers of GPU, SDI, and HDR signals all from a single box, and in any combination. Not only can stations and stadiums take advantage of the increased resolution of native GPU outputs, but this higher channel density reduces the physical hardware and lowers costs when compared to SDI infrastructure."

Whether addressing traditional CG, clip server needs, channel branding, touch screens, or video walls, PRIME does it all along with a single Design tool for any authoring needs. PRIME software workflow options, such as Base Scenes and Live Mode editing, simplify the authoring and playout environment with instantaneous authoring feedback on render outputs and time-saving, one-stop graphics-package adjustments, literally reducing hours of editing into minutes of work.

In addition, a new integration of PRIME and Click Effects PRIME with industry-leading production switchers from Grass Valley places single-button control of ChyronHego graphics into the user interface of Grass Valley's Kayenne, Karrera, and GV Korona Video Production Center switchers. Unique, fine-grained control over CG elements and key-framed actions and timelines allows for ultimate control, facilitating multilayered graphics presentations to scoreboards — even on a single output.

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ChyronHego, a portfolio company of Vector Capital, is a global leader in products, services, and solutions for the broadcast and sports industries. Specializing in live television, news, and sports production, ChyronHego offers some of the industry's most widely deployed solutions — including Lyric®, the world's most popular broadcast graphics creation and playout offering; the all-new CAMIO Universe newsroom workflow; and the TRACAB™ optical sports tracking system. Headquartered in New York, ChyronHego also has offices in the Czech Republic, Denmark, Finland, Germany, Mexico, the Netherlands, Norway, Singapore, Slovak Republic, Sweden, and the United Kingdom.

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