SMPTE's 'Magic and Miracles' Book Now Shipping

WHITE PLAINS, N.Y. — Feb. 15, 2018 — SMPTE®, the organization whose standards work has supported a century of advances in entertainment technology and whose membership spans the globe, today announced that "Magic and Miracles: 100 Years of Moving Imaging Science and Technology," a full-color, hardcover book documenting a century of innovation fueled by SMPTE's standards work, is now shipping. The book will remain available at its pre-order price — $59.94 for SMPTE Members and $75 for nonmembers — through March 15.

"Tradition, resilience, agility, and adaptability have enabled SMPTE to thrive for more than a century on the leading edge of the development and standardization of motion-imaging technology, and 'Magic and Miracles' commemorates this achievement," said SMPTE Executive Director Barbara Lange. "We feel that the book provides an elegant and engaging overview of the work and contributions of the Society, and we hope that it will be an inspiration to the next generation of media system technologists."

Documenting a century of innovation fueled by SMPTE's standards work, the richly illustrated, 9-inch by 11-inch, full-color hardcover features more than 350 pages of historical photographs, movie stills, insider stories, and milestone events. Under the direction of Editorial Director Philip J. Cianci, "Magic and Miracles" commemorates the work of the Society and its members in the development of motion picture, television, and digital media technology. The book includes essays contributed by SMPTE Members, descriptions of landmark events, insights into the Society's standards development work, and archival material that documents the course of moving-image technology evolution.

Also available as a companion to "Magic and Miracles" is "The Honor Roll and Honorary Members of the Society of Motion Picture and Television Engineers." This limited-edition, 100-page, full-color hardcover showcases the industry leaders and innovators who have contributed their talents to SMPTE over the past century. Media technologists and nontechnical industry professionals alike will enjoy this commemorative book highlighting the lives and achievements of these remarkable individuals. 

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About Philip J. Cianci

Philip J. Cianci's involvement in high definition television (HDTV) began at Philips Research in 1984 and continued at ESPN during the construction and commissioning of the all-HD digital center. From 2005-2007, he was the editor of the "Transition to Digital" Broadcast Engineering magazine e-newsletter. Cianci authored two Focal Press published books and in 2012, McFarland published "High Definition Television — The Creation, Development and Implementation of HDTV Technology," which documents the global deployment of HDTV. He is assisting the Smithsonian Institution in developing an HDTV archive. Living a dual existence in the parallel universes of creativity and technology, Cianci is forging a body of work exemplifying the intelligent fusion of technology and art at his Frog Hill Creative Sanctuary. His recent work was inspired by his participation in the development and deployment of HDTV. For additional information, and

About SMPTE®

For more than a century, the people of the Society of Motion Picture and Television Engineers, or SMPTE (pronounced "simp-tee"), have sorted out the details of many significant advances in media and entertainment technology, from the introduction of "talkies" and color television to HD and UHD (4K, 8K) TV. Since its founding in 1916, SMPTE has received an Oscar® and multiple Emmy® Awards for its work in advancing moving-imagery engineering across the industry. SMPTE has developed thousands of standards, recommended practices, and engineering guidelines, more than 800 of which are currently in force today. SMPTE Time Code™ and the ubiquitous SMPTE Color Bars™ are just two examples of SMPTE's notable work. As it enters its second century, SMPTE is shaping the next generation of standards and providing education for the industry to ensure interoperability as the industry evolves further into IT- and IP-based workflows.

SMPTE's global membership today includes more than 7,000 members: motion-imaging executives, creatives, technologists, researchers, and students who volunteer their time and expertise to SMPTE's standards development and educational initiatives. A partnership with the Hollywood Professional Association (HPA) connects SMPTE and its membership with the businesses and individuals who support the creation and finishing of media content. Information on joining SMPTE is available at 

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