RTW Announces New Distributor, Soundware Sweden

COLOGNE, GERMANY, JANUARY 31, 2018 - RTW, a leading vendor of visual audio meters and monitoring devices for professional broadcast, production, post production and quality control, has partnered with Soundware Sweden as its newest distributor in Northern Europe. Soundware, known throughout Sweden for its many years of experience in professional audio equipment, distributes products that are the best quality and control in recording, mixing and broadcast. The company will offer RTW's full suite of product offerings to its customers in the region. 

The partnership began at a recent in-house event at Soundware where RTW presented its products, resulting in a valuable opportunity to meet new and existing customers. Since then, Soundware has sold more than 20 of RTW's compact and versatile TM3-3G TouchMonitors, along with several TM9 TouchMonitors and Mastering Tools Software licenses, part of the Masterclass PlugIns Series, to a prominent Swedish broadcaster.

"From the start of our relationship with RTW, the expert cooperation and communication have been an essential piece of our success as a distributor," says Lars Lundin, Product Manager at Soundware Sweden. "Our company prides itself on our team's unique knowledge of the audio equipment market and the high-quality product mix we offer, which made RTW an optimal partner choice."

Along with product distribution, Soundware offers installation, deployment, customer service and product support. RTW is the most recent in its portfolio of world-leading brand partners.

"Soundware has an excellent repertoire of customer contacts, as well as the knowledge to provide professional support for RTW's products," says Ulrike Lauterbach, director of sales and marketing of RTW. "The company is quite experienced in executing large-scale projects and because of this proficiency, RTW looks forward to partnering with them as we continue to expand our reach throughout Northern Europe."

About RTW

RTW, based in Cologne (Germany), has more than 50 years of experience designing, producing and marketing advanced recording-studio equipment, leading and innovating the market for high quality audio metering and monitoring tools. RTW operates a worldwide distribution and service network. For more information on RTW, visit www.rtw.com, www.facebook.com/rtw.de or call +49 221 709130.