DVEO Launches Secure Accelerated File Transfer Solution Based on Patented Technology

San Diego, California -- DVEO®, a well respected supplier to leading telco TV/OTT and cable operators around the world, is now shipping their real time high speed file transport solution. DVEO will feature the Faster File: Secure AFT with RIFT™ at the International Broadcasting Convention (IBC), September 15-19, in Amsterdam, at stand 2.A34.

The Faster File: Secure AFT (Accelerated File Transfer) with RIFT (Real-time Internet File Transfer) enables fast, dependable, and secure IP file transfer of large size digital assets. It utilizes DVEO's patented DOZER™ ARQ (Automatic Repeat Request) UDP packet loss correction technology to ensure error-free delivery over long distances, over private or public wired or wireless Internet.

"FTP, the standard protocol for IP file transfer, is adequate for transferring smaller data sets but breaks often when very large files need to be transferred between computers. It is also slow and not secure," stated Laszlo Zoltan, Vice President of DVEO. "The Faster File: Secure AFT with RIFT solves these problems. It corrects packet loss and jitter, accelerates file transfer by utilizing larger packets, and secures the file transfer via AES-128 encryption. And it automatically retries and resumes if an internet connection is interrupted."

Industries that require accelerated file transfer with security include entertainment, government, financial services, oil and gas, teleradiology, and publishing. The Faster File: Secure AFT with RIFT is suitable for transferring video, digital movie dailies, radiological data, CAD files, maps, and more.

The Faster File: Secure AFT with RIFT ships as a pair of two compact Linux® based systems. Both units can be placed behind firewalls. The solution is also available as a software license via an SDK option.

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Supplemental Information for Press Release


  • Able to move any size digital asset securely at maximum speed over poor network conditions
  • Utilizes 128 MB super chunks
  • Automatic retry and resumes if connection is interrupted
  • All content is encrypted via AES 128
  • Supports 5, 10, 50, 100, 500 (chunks) GB file size transfers
  • Works well across networks with high packet loss
  • Web GUI is manageable from anywhere – includes some scheduling
  • Ships with designated IP addresses on each unit
  • Provides audit trails
  • Supports concurrent file transfers
  • Utilizes full bandwidth available
  • Low power consumption
  • Both units can be placed behind firewalls

Suggested Retail Prices:
Faster File: Secure AFT with RIFT -- per each License: $1,500 U.S. in low volumes, $50 U.S. in high volumes
Hardware Transmitter or Receiver: $1,995 U.S. each or $3,990 per pair

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