The Video Call Center Sets TV Production Record with 5000th Live Video Caller

Palisades, NY—The Video Call Center achieved a live TV production milestone this week when it aired the 5,000th live video smartphone call via its patented caller acquisition and host driven production system. This new benchmark for the use of live broadcast remotes based on everyday smartphones and popular video calling apps such as Apple FaceTime, Google WebRTC, and Microsoft Skype apps, was reached during the July 5 episode of Stick-to-Sports, hosted by Robin Lundberg.

Tom Wolzien, founder of the VCC said, “This landmark achievement sends a message to every producer, content developer and engineer, from mainstream broadcast TV to Facebook Live, that it is now fully possible to bring video callers to air live, with the expectation of the highest quality and with rock-solid reliability. Producers can have their callers use nearly any video calling app, even multiple apps, to obtain the best results based on the individual circumstances of each caller. That flexibility, combined with the VCC’s talented call screeners and patented technology, rewrite expectations of what a video caller looks like, especially when compared with Microsoft’s proprietary, single application approach, which requires producers to use Skype regardless of quality.”

The VCC platform has been used to produce more than 450 live programs, including broadcast programs on the stations of TEGNA and Fox, as well as for numerous web distribution platforms. The platform delivers video calls with an overall on-air reliability exceeding 99%.

Stick-to-Sports Executive Producer Tom Porpiglia said, “Having a choice of video applications is crucial to both quality and reliability on a video-call based program.The VCC gives us the option of using three different popular video applications, so the odds of our call screeners getting a call on the air with high video quality are significantly increased. Call quality and reliability went up considerably once we had more apps than just Skype to work with.Now we can have a caller shift to a second or even a third video app to get the top quality we need for air.”

Stick to Sports was part of another VCC record last month when host Lundberg had conversations with 19 different video callers within his half hour TV show. Stick to Sports can be seen live on Wednesday nights, 8PM EDT, at

About The Video Call Center, LLC:
The VCC is a technology and content development company devoted to handling large numbers of IP Video remotes-by-smartphone and putting them on the air through patented workflow and assistive automation (patents #8,767,031, #9,654,731 and other patents pending). The VCC is both a Facebook Live Media Solutions and Broadcast partner. The VCC licenses its software and provides caller acquisition and production services. VCC has produced hundreds of programs for the web through its Talk Center America platform, and dozens for the stations of co-owner TEGNA Media. The VCC is jointly owned by Wolzien LLC and TEGNA, which is a significant investor and customer. Examples of video caller television programs and complete information about the VCC are available at