Photon Beard Highlights Highlight LED at IBC 2017

IBC 2017, 15-19 September, Stand 12.A41: Photon Beard, the leading specialist manufacturer of lighting equipment, will feature its Highlight LED range. Its sister company, Projects Department Ltd. (PDL), which has designed, supplied and installed studios around the world, will also be on hand to discuss its specialist consultancy service for television lighting.

Highlight LEDs offer outstanding colour rendering and TLCI (television lighting consistency indexes) through the clever use of remote phosphor technology. The fixtures are totally silent in use thanks to being passively cooled. 

Highlight LED range options in 90, 180, 270 and 360W variants equate to 2,4,6, and 8 tube fluorescents, but emit more light with no colour shift over time. They deliver far more ‘punch’ than typical LEDs, without producing the unpleasant skin tones that tend to make directors of photography reluctant to use them for lighting presenters. Highlight LED generates no such reservations.

Photon Beard Managing Director Peter Daffarn said, “It’s the high quality of light that Highlight LED delivers, by directing more soft light to where it’s needed, that make it so popular. That quality, coupled with its exceptional power efficiency, make it an easy and highly flexible choice for virtually any type of production.”

Sister company PDL recently completed the extensive design, supply and installation for YouTube Space in London as well as many other global lighting projects and will share the IBC stand with Photon Beard to discuss contemporary lighting for any application.

Photon Beard and PDL can be found on Stand 12.A41 at IBC 2017. For more information, visit