Introducing D2Mux OG-6000, the first Digital Video Processor and Multiplexer for the openGear® Platform

Customize your digital streams with new content, channel branding, PSIP data service and Emergency Alert (EAS) insertion.

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Las Vegas, NV – April 24, 2017 – Today at the NAB Show 2017, D2D Technologies announces the D2Mux OG-6000, the first digital video processor, multiplexer and network gateway for the openGear® platform, enabling broadcasters, cable and IPTV operators a solution to create their own digital video multiplex that is regionalized with advanced channel branding, optional PSIP data service insertion and emergency alert (EAS) insertion on any channel. The D2Mux OG-6000 is a powerful digital video processor and IP network gateway that transforms services from any input into tailored DTV transport streams over IP and ASI.

“Now service providers can add the powerful D2Mux OG-6000 to their openGear platform and process up to 8 input and 8 output streams per card for a total of 80 input and 80 output streams per chassis,” comments Steve Doll, President of D2D Technologies. “The core of the OG-6000 is built on the proven D2Mux processing technology that is deployed in hundreds of service providers worldwide for reliable digital video multiplexing. We are pleased to be the first to provide a powerful digital video processing solution for the extensible openGear platform.”

The D2Mux OG-6000 can easily merge local content with national channels using robust digital video processing of service components and convert source DVB streams into the necessary ATSC format on any output channel. Demanding bandwidth constraints can be met by removing unwanted elementary streams like secondary audio or even dropping complete programs.

Broadcasters who need to regionalize their channels for local markets can easily control the PSIP/SI branding of their transmission and optionally insert an Electronic Program Guide (EPG) so that viewers can find the programs they want. The D2Mux OG-6000 can set the major and minor channel numbers on each output stream and pass through or regenerate the necessary PSIP tables. The optional D2Guide can run on the D2Mux platform to provide dynamic PSIP data insertion from popular services like Titan TV and Gracenote (TMS) or from a spreadsheet with programming for the next several weeks.

The D2Mux OG-6000 is also a full duplex ASI/IP network video gateway that can remultiplex up to 8 input streams received over ASI or Gigabit Ethernet and create 8 independent IP output streams per card with configurable Forward Error Correction (FEC) that is compliant with SMPTE 2022-1/2. Network jitter and errors in transmission are corrected in the receiving system to recreate the original transport stream. Conversion from IP to ASI is supported on up to 4 independent ASI outputs.

The D2Mux OG-6000 platform can also host the optional D2Alert application which inserts digital video from an Emergency Alert System (EAS) into all of the desired channels of your ATSC digital transport stream. The D2Alert system constantly monitors the EAS digital video signal and when a valid alert is found, it is automatically inserted into all of the configured programs until the alert is complete. With D2Alert broadcasters can comply with FCC requirements and quickly inform viewers in the event of an emergency.

The D2Mux OG-6000 provides flexible I/O configuration options including up to four ASI inputs and up to four ASI outputs. Digital streams over IP are handled by the two standard RJ45 Gigabit Ethernet ports while browser based management of the D2Mux is done over a dedicated Ethernet control port that supports SNMP remote monitoring with configurable traps.

Availability and Pricing

The D2Mux OG-6000 Video Processor and Network Gateway is available from select dealers and system integrators worldwide or directly from D2D Technologies. Customers can purchase the base D2Mux OG-6311 with one input and output IP stream, 3 ASI inputs and 1 ASI output starting at $3,995. Options for additional IP Stream multiplexing, ASI I/O, D2Guide Electronic Program Guide (EPG) and D2Alert Emergency Alert EAS insertion are also available. Learn more about the D2Mux OG-6000 from the openGear site at

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