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Primestream Dynamic Media Management Integrates With Telestream Vantage & Vidchecker to Streamline Media Workflows

Primestream®, the leader in Dynamic Media Management, has announced an API solution with Telestream, which sees its Dynamic Media Management software integrated alongside Telestream’s Vantage media processing & workflow automation platform and Vidchecker quality control (QC) system.

Primestream’s FORK™ and Xchange™ software provides quick-turnaround solutions for sports, enterprise and broadcast workflows. Now, with Telestream Vantage and Vidchecker integrations, users can automate their QC and transcode operations to further accelerate and simplify workflows, and guarantee the highest quality content. Additionally, utilizing tightly integrated API methods, users gain instant access to Primestream and Telestream’s extensive network of 3rd-party integrated solutions for building advanced workflow automations.

Through this integration, Primestream and Telestream have created significant added value to customers. Content producers with complex and repetitive tasks can now focus on the creative process with manual processes being automated such as file transcode and QC. Metadata transfer is very tight between Xchange and Vantage, so the logic between the two platforms is very flexible. It makes decisions based on metadata — and depending on the program name it can route to specific settings and distribution points.

Primestream Automation can be triggered manually or automatically once ingest is performed or an export is made. Assets that Vidchecker identifies as problematic, such as a clip with black frames, interlace or color issues, are transformed into metadata properties and markers inside Primestream’s Dynamic Media Management platform. Users are notified and can instantly correct the areas that require attention. Once Vidchecker QC approval is achieved, Primestream can trigger Vantage to transcode the final asset.

“Because the integration between Primesteam and Telestream enables tremendous flexibility, VICE Media and others are able to develop intricate workflows that enhances creativity and productivity,” said Warren Arenstein, SVP of Business Development, Primestream. “Their hard work and dedication to technology brings immense efficiencies to VICE Media and innovative ways to look at workflow automation.”

Primestream and Telestream is already a proven solution in many regional markets. Customers such as VICE Media and CiscoTV are utilizing Primestream and Telestream to automatically transcode media for delivery across a wide variety of distribution outlets. At the same time, broadcasters such as Radio TV Guatemala rely on Vidchecker and FORK to confirm that assets are “broadcast-friendly” and at the highest quality.

"We move at a rapid rate and our workflows are evolving day-by-day, said Brian Glover, Systems Administrator, Post Production at VICE Media. “Instead of relying on Primestream’s engineers to integrate complex third-party and external systems into Xchange, we can develop the relationship internally through one single, VICE-managed API aggregation layer by Vantage, which allows us to work at our own pace and get the most out of Xchange's robust capabilities.”

“A MAM populated with rich metadata, both contextually and administratively, can only lead to automation and efficiency, said Jack Skinner, MAM Manager, IT, VICE Media. “The combination of Vantage and Xchange gives VICE the flexibility to respond to the ever-changing demands of our environment, and lets us be proactive in improving and automating current workflows in our post-production pipeline.”

“Given the ever increasing pace of change in our industry, customers need broadcast technology companies to engage with each other and provide innovative new solutions to these changing business challenges,” commented Paul Turner, VP Enterprise Product Management at Telestream. “The Primestream integration to Telestream has created a win-win scenario, combining some of the market’s most elegant technologies to create a system solution that creates real added value to all our customers.”

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