MYAT Introduces Elliptical Waveguide for Repack Channels

Mahwah, NJ — March 16, 2017 — MYAT, Inc. is introducing the next generation of transmission waveguide for US Repack Channels 14 to 36. This new product comes at a critical time for many US broadcasters who will be moving to new channels while also making their transmission systems ATSC 3.0 capable. According to Stephen Kolvek, Director of Coaxial Products at MYAT, Inc., “Because ATSC 3.0 operates at a higher peak-to-average power ratio, many antennas and transmission lines must be “up-sized” to meet the demand for increased voltage capacity. These larger antennas and feed lines, with the associated increase in wind load and weight, may challenge the capacity of many existing transmission towers.” 

Elliptical waveguide can be a big help in lightening the load on transmission towers. The elliptical shape gives it about half the wind load of traditional rectangular waveguide, and because it requires no bulky “shroud” to shed the wind, it weighs about a third less than traditional “sheathed” waveguide. Finally, the shape of the ellipse itself provides the waveguide with tremendous dimensional and structural integrity, often eliminating the need for the countless “stiffening supports” often seen in rectangular waveguide installations.

This increased dimensional integrity also gives elliptical waveguide more reliable electrical properties. Elliptical waveguide will maintain its electrical performance even with fluctuating ambient pressures.

This new product builds on the successful implementation of MYAT’s first elliptical waveguide installations made for channel allocations during the US transition to digital transmission in 2006. MYAT pioneered the use of elliptical waveguide and holds patents on its use and its manufacture. Says Phil Cindrich, President of MYAT, “We spent a long time creating elliptical waveguide for the repack channels and believe it can be of real service to the UHF broadcast community.”