Riedel Products at 2016 NAB Show New York

2016 NAB Show New York Product Preview

Riedel Communications

Stand 941

MediorNet MicroN as a Decentralized Router

MicroN is an 80G media distribution network device for Riedel's MediorNet line of real-time media transport and management solutions. At 2016 NAB Show New York, Riedel will demonstrate how interconnected MicroN units can be deployed to create a decentralized routing system that distributes signal load, takes advantage of flexible node placement, and eliminates any single point of failure to create a viable alternative to traditional, monolithic routers. 

With on-board signal processing capabilities including frame synchronization, embedding/de-embedding, and delays, a MicroN-based solution can handle SDI signals in a very powerful, tremendously versatile, and highly scalable routing solution.

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Photo Caption: MediorNet MicroN

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Photo Caption: MicroN as a Decentralized Router

RSP-2318 SmartPanel With Control App

The RSP-2318 SmartPanel offers features and capabilities that will enrich user experience and change the way broadcasters and A/V professionals communicate. As the world's first control panel designed to serve as a powerful multifunctional user interface, SmartPanel boasts a unique feature set that includes three high-resolution, sunlight-readable, multitouch color displays; premium-quality audio; a multilingual character set; and 18 keys in just 1 RU. It offers AES67 and AVB connectivity as standard and AES3 over cat or coax cable as an option. 

The MediorNet Control App is the second App family developed for Riedel's SmartPanel interface. By equipping the SmartPanel with the new MediorNet Control App, users effectively consolidate two panels into one that provides full intercom and control functionality. With the Intercom and MediorNet Control Apps running in parallel, the SmartPanel serves as a robust and highly cost-effective A/V control system. As Riedel continues to develop apps for the SmartPanel, users will gain increasing capabilities that help to optimize signal transport and production workflows.

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Photo Caption: RSP-2318 SmartPanel

ESP-2324 Expansion SmartPanel

The Expansion SmartPanel (ESP-2324) connects directly to Riedel's award-winning RSP-2318 SmartPanel, instantly giving users an additional 24 keys and four high-resolution multitouch color displays. Because as many as four Expansion SmartPanels can be supported by Riedel's RSP-2318 Intercom app, users have the ability to extend their SmartPanel configurations to include up to 19 displays and 114 keys in 5 RU.

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Photo Caption: ESP-2324 Expansion SmartPanel Front View

Other Products on Display

- Tango Communications Platform

- Artist Digital Matrix Communications Platform

- MediorNet Compact and MediorNet Modular

Company Quote:

"As the major annual media and entertainment technology show on the East Coast, the NAB New York show gives us valuable access to this critical market and broadcast and media operations of all sizes. During the show we'll feature our innovative SmartPanel multifunctional user interface and complementary Expansion SmartPanel. Now boasting both an intercom and control app, the SmartPanel brings greater versatility and control to signal distribution and communications applications. We'll also highlight our MediorNet MicroN that can be adapted to any of a number of production duties enabling reliable, cost-effective signal transport, processing, and routing."

-- Joyce Bente, President and CEO, Riedel North America

Company Profile:

Riedel Communications designs, manufactures, and distributes pioneering real-time video, audio, data, and communications networks for broadcast, pro audio, event, sports, theater, and security applications. The company also provides rental services for radio and intercom systems, event IT solutions, fiber backbones, and wireless signal transmission systems that scale easily for events of any size, anywhere in the world. Riedel is headquartered in Wuppertal, Germany and employs over 450 people in 19 locations throughout Europe, Australia, Asia, and the Americas.

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