Avlex and MIPRO Introduce ACT 2400 Series Wireless Systems

Kansas City, MO – October 2016 … Avlex Corporation, the North American distributor of MIPRO products and the name audio professionals turn to for world-class wireless technology and microphones, announces the new MIPRO ACT 2400 Series wireless systems. Consisting of several models encompassing both single- and dual-channel half rack receiver systems with a variety of transmitter options, the new MIPRO ACT 2400 Series wireless systems utilize the 2.4 GHz ISM band and offer stable 4-frequency FSK (frequency shift key) modulation circuitry with exceptional range, strong RF signal stability, and channel density.

The new MIPRO half rack single- and dual-channel digital receivers employ a Frequency Hopping Spread Spectrum technology utilizing 4 frequencies for each channel in an adaptive tracking algorithm that avoids interference from 2.4 GHz products on channels 1, 6, and 11. These systems employ dual-tuner true digital diversity reception and deliver 12 compatible simultaneous channel operations at receiving distances up to 100 meters (330 ft.) with no signal dropouts. Both the ACT-2401 single channel systems and ACT-2402 dual channel systems include the MP-80 smart charging cradle.

Like the receivers, the new MIPRO ACT-24HC handheld transmitter and the ACT-24TC miniature bodypack transmitter are equally innovative. These transmitters use ICR18500 rechargeable lithium batteries that facilitates 1-hour of operation on a 25-minute quick charge or 10 hours of operation on a full 4-hour charge; with up to 600 charge cycles. The ACT-24HC handheld transmitter includes a premium condenser capsule with a unique multi-layered metal grille that protects the capsule against impact, rolling and pop noise, and ensures sound clarity. The ACT-24TC miniature bodypack transmitter is housed in a compact, lightweight enclosure that can easily be concealed. Further, the MIPRO MT-24 wireless digital guitar transmitter is also available—enabling electric guitarists to enjoy freedom from being tethered by a cable while retaining all the tone of the instrument that is so crucial to performance.

Fred Canning, National Sales Manager for Avlex Corporation, commented on the new MIPRO ACT 2400 Series wireless systems, “These new ACT 2400 digital wireless systems address the challenges our industry has had with the 2.4 GHz band. MIPRO’s adaptive tracking algorithm and 4 frequency spread spectrum technology delivers the range, signal stability, and channel density our customers require in a reliable and economical digital wireless solution. MIPRO has done it again. It’s the best 2.4 GHz wireless on the market today.”

The MIPRO ACT 2400 Series wireless systems are now shipping in both single- and dual-channel half rack configurations with a variety of transmitter options. MSRP pricing on these systems is follows:

ACT-2401 Half-rack single channel systems: $350.00

ACT-2402 Half-rack dual-channel systems: $580.00

About Avlex Corporation

Avlex Corporation is a leading supplier of high quality, feature rich, and competitively priced professional audio products. The Avlex, Superlux, and MIPRO brands of microphones, wireless systems, electronics, and accessories are available through independent dealers and contractors nationwide. For additional information on Avlex Corporation, visit the company online at www.avlex.com.


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