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Domo Tactical Communications to introduce SOLO7-OBTx to North America at NAB 2016

Domo’s SOLO7-OBTx is a feature packed camera-back transmitter that includes 1080p60 and 4:2:2 compression; integrated camera control; swappable RF modules; and H.264/MPEG-4 video encoding. The SOLO7-OBTx offers superior latency ranging from 1s to an ultra-low 10ms along with ultra-low power consumption for extended field performance.

Also new to NAB is the SOLO8 SDR (software-defined radio) a dual input HDSDI, COFDM, and IP mesh transmitter that includes integral video analytics, recording, and IP streaming. It can be implemented via PC software or embedded system. SOLO8 represents the first of a powerful new generation of wireless broadcast products emerging from Domo.

Domo’s SOLO7 1W Nano Power Amplifier, an ultra-miniature digital video TX power amplifier with proven COFDM technology at its core, will also feature at NAB. Its remarkably small size and low power consumption (typically 3W at 0.5W TX Power) makes it ideal for broadcast deployments that require long-term, battery powered performance.

Completing Domo’s NAB product portfolio is the PRORXD - 2RU Professional Receiver/Dual Decoder. The PRORXD - 2RU is feature-rich COFDM receiver/decoder that includes receive and HD decoding capability in a single enclosure. Designed specifically for the broadcast market, it is packed with features that include DVB-T and UMVL demodulation; 2, 4, 6 or 8 RF inputs with 9/12DC switchable down converter power; plus fully compliant MPEG2 and H.264 SD/HD decoding.

Domo’s Broadcast Sales Director JP Delport said, “This showcase represents the most powerful NAB offering we’ve had to date. We’re very excited about the prospects for our new product line-up for Domo, with the SOLO7-OBTx leading the way.”

Editor's Note: Cobham TCS was sold to Marlin Equity Partners on January 15, 2016 and is now known as Domo Tactical Communications (DCT) Ltd.