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Volicon at Content and Communications World 2015

Nov. 11-12, 2015

Booth 754

Volicon at Content and Communications World: 

Capture and Share

The Capture and Share applications for Volicon's Observer Media Intelligence Platform(R) help broadcasters capture media from a variety of sources and quickly produce and deliver compelling content to viewers via on-air broadcast, as well as digital and social media platforms. Together, Capture and Share facilitate the capture, extraction, processing, and distribution of content in the appropriate format for virtually any target outlet and device. In a fresh approach to multiplatform content creation and delivery, these applications leverage the Media Intelligence Platform's unique content-recording capabilities and intuitive user interface to provide a much faster and more cost-effective model than is possible with conventional recording, editing, and packaging solutions.

Image Caption: Capture Application for Volicon's Observer Media Intelligence Platform(R)

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Image Caption: Share Application for Volicon's Observer Media Intelligence Platform(R)

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Enhanced Multiviewer for Added Monitoring Convenience

Volicon's enhanced Multiviewer option for the Observer Media Intelligence Platform(R) unites the platform's recording capability with multiviewer functionality to give users access to multiple live or recorded programs (audio and video), complemented by frame-accurate data, on a monitor wall or other display. In addition to enabling users to keep their eyes and ears on every channel, the option makes it easy to identify and look past audio and video impairments to examine the integrity of metadata. During Content and Communications World, Volicon will demonstrate enhancements including configurable layouts; support for various room, screen, and player sizes; and an array of useful new widgets including clocks and graphs.

Observer OTT

Volicon's Observer OTT provides networks, video service providers, and broadcasters with a solution for logging (recording) and monitoring over-the-top (OTT) A/V services that stream content to computers, tablets, and smartphones. With the same suite of tools already proven for set-top box and transport stream monitoring, Observer OTT offers a complete, cost-effective quality monitoring and/or compliance logging solution for multiplatform media delivery. Users can ensure that video-on-demand and linear services are available 24/7 at optimal quality, validate service level agreements with content delivery networks using pixel-level verification of cloud delivery and playback, confirm the presence of captioning, and determine that specialized apps are providing optimal quality of experience. In addition to providing a true recording of services, the system facilitates remote streaming and review as well as in-depth analysis of both unencrypted and encrypted content.

During Content and Communications World, Volicon will demonstrate how Observer OTT ingests content from each point in the OTT pipeline including a variety of target mobile devices not only to provide a valuable look at how consumers experience streamed content, but also to supply rich data that speeds isolation and resolution of any quality issues for content viewed on any device.

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Archiver for the Observer Media Intelligence Platform(R)

Addressing broadcasters' need for convenient, cost-effective long-term storage of aired content, Volicon has introduced a new Archiver option for the company's Observer Media Intelligence Platform(R). Providing multiple simultaneous users with random access to an indexed store of full-resolution, high-bit-rate content, as well as low-resolution proxies, this option makes programming, promos, and advertisements readily available for use cases ranging from ad verification to repurposing. When years of online storage are required, the Archiver option offers a scalable, high-performance, low-cost alternative to the expensive systems typically implemented for long-term archives. Because it features both baseband (SDI) and transport stream interfaces and is compatible with any application, the module can be deployed easily in virtually any broadcast environment.

Closed-Captioning Compliance in Partnership With Nexidia

Addressing the FCC's rules governing closed-captioning compliance, the Observer(R)-based closed-captioning quality monitoring solution from Volicon and Emmy(R) Award-winning developer Nexidia(R), Nexidia Comply(TM) enables automatic closed-captioning analysis, alignment of captions and media, and identification of missing or incorrect caption segments in file-based workflows. The Volicon Observer, when integrated with Nexidia Comply(TM) software, gives users access to a stream of the broadcast output (live or recorded) along with frame-accurate metadata describing that content, thereby accelerating and streamlining the process of evaluating programming and the presentation of closed-captions according to the FCC rules.

Company Overview:

Volicon is the leading provider of enterprise media intelligence, monitoring, and compliance logging solutions optimized for broadcasters, networks, cable and IPTV operators, and governments worldwide. Available with Volicon's Capture, Share, Review, Comply, and Monitor applications, as well as a Multiviewer module, the company's Observer Media Intelligence Platform(R) (MIP(R)) provides powerful tools that accelerate critical media workflows. The platform facilitates efficient and cost-effective content creation and repurposing for the Web and social media, VOD/OTT content preparation, linear production, compliance monitoring (loudness, closed captioning), ad verification, competitive analysis, quality-of-service/experience monitoring (QoS/QoE), and archiving. More information is available at

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