Appear TV Demonstrates Unified Multi Platform Video Solution for Linear & OTT at SCTE Cable-Tec Expo ‘15

New orleans, October 13, 2015Appear TV,a leading global provider of next-generation video processing platforms for broadcast and IP television, will showcase its highly flexible modular hardware, supporting content acquisition, processing and transmission functions for IPTV/OTT and cable at the SCTE Cable-Tec Expo ‘15 (Booth 2227). On display will be the company’s latest modules supporting ISDB/T demodulation and ISDB/T modulation over Cable for broadcast and its latest Adaptive Bit Rate (ABR) Packager/Segmenter supporting time shift playback and VOD functionality.

“Appear TV aims to offer its customers the ability to receive any input and transmit to any output,” says Carl Walter Holst, CEO, Appear TV. “Support for the ISDB is another step enhancement to assist operators in regions that support the ISDB broadcast standard. Our latest revision of the ABR Packager also provides operators the opportunity to future-proof against any new device profile for IPTV/OTT delivery, with latest additions supporting time shift and nVOD functionality, giving users an enhanced viewing experience.”

The ABR Packager softwarestreamlines the process of adapting to live OTT transmission by making it easier for operators to prep channels for multiscreen delivery and supporting new profiles as devices emerge. For use with Appear TV’s modular XC5000 Series Video Processing Platform, or within third-party vendor environments, it features highly efficient segmentation, DRM and origin-server capabilities. Now it is enhanced to provide six hours capture period of ingest channels to support time shift and nVOD functionality for OTT/multiscreen content delivery.

With the ABR Packager, MPEG-2 transport stream inputs supporting MPTS high-quality H.264 AVC multi-resolution/bandwidth video services are converted in real-time to HLS, MPEG DASH and Microsoft Smooth Streaming formats, as applicable, for the end-viewing device. The software also features the Resource Allocator tool, which simplifies the process of defining profile parameters. Utilizing a straightforward Web-based interface, users can efficiently customize or employ preset configuration templates for application to multiple services simultaneously, making for effective and efficient profile management.

Although it is designed to work with third-party solutions, the ABR Packager, when combined with Appear TV’s new real-time Universal encoding and transcoding modules for OTT/multiscreen delivery, provides a particularly powerful end-to-end solution within a single unified platform. The Universal Compression Module in multiscreen mode supports both encoding from studio and transcoding of pre-compressed services to achieve the highest video quality, with excellent electrical, thermal and space efficiency. When combined with the ABR Packager, the multiple profiles streaming from the XC5000 Platform are synchronized, ensuring low latency and accurate network interfacing.

Appear TV designed the ISDB-T Demodulator to satisfy the needs of professional terrestrial and cable operators in regions that have adopted the ISDB-T standard. The module provides broadcasters with additional support of the standard, where deployed for terrestrial broadcast, to enable channels to be monitored or redistributed over any broadcast carrier or IP network. The ISDB-T Demodulator supports four independent carriers per module with integrated service and PID level filtering. A total of 48 ISDB-T carriers can be supported per 1RU, making Appear TV’s solution the most powerful on the market.

Complementing the demodulator is an ISDB-T Dual-Carrier Modulator for Cable, which allows ISDB-T terrestrial modulation for content distribution over cable networks. Users can integrate multiple modules into Appear TV’s XC5000 Series video processing platform to provide leading-class density in a compact modular 1 or 4RU chassis. When combined with any of the company’s range of video and signal processing modules for the XC5000 Series Platform, users can support all current and emerging transmission standards across all carriers in one solution.

These units are part of Appear TV’s modular concept, which provides users with a selection of modules to create a solution custom-tailored to their needs. Signal inputs from any carrier can be captured and adapted to every signal output, with highly dense and powerful video processing to any format and device. The modular nature of the platform also allows for multiple distribution format processes originating from one chassis. This saves on hardware space, and makes it easy to implement additions and upgrades as new formats and transmission technologies arise. In addition, all Appear TV modules can work with other third-party devices, making integration with existing transmission equipment seamless.

About Appear TV

Appear TV is based in Oslo, Norway. The company produces world-class equipment that enables operators to deliver professional broadcast services to millions of users around the globe. The company is dedicated to developing reliable, revenue-generating and innovative solutions for operators looking to deliver real-time content to the home. Appear TV headends are designed for modularity, high density, and flexibility.