Euroscreens goes live with Calibre LEDView530

Specialists in the hire of giant video screen technology for events, broadcast, TV and entertainment industries, Cheshire, UK-based Euroscreens Ltd has taken delivery of Calibre LEDView530 Universal rental, staging and events switcher-scalers for its complete turnkey production solutions.

The LEDView530 performs screen processing for high-profile projects that Euroscreens works on. As an all-in-one solution, the LEDView530 has optimal operating modes and can be used on either LED video walls, projection or for scan conversion.

Euroscreens has deployed LEDView530 in a number of different scenarios, from edge-blending of projectors at corporate conferences to LED screen processing for live broadcast events. 

Most recently the LEDView530’s were used to process LED screen content for Matchroom Sports Boxing, shown live on Sky Sports HD. For this event 4 LED screens that were hung above the ring in arenas across the UK displayed live camera feeds from the Sky Sports OB trucks and then switched to advertisement and sponsor content.

For us, the LEDView530’s features excel in their essential ability to size and scale video quickly and easily. Genlock ensures that the LED screens in shot of a live camera run perfectly in sync and the LEDView530 has low processing latency,” states video engineer Mark Taylor from Euroscreens Ltd. 

Additionally, the LEDView530 features 4-sided edge drag and drop for sizing the picture to fit the LED screen ensuring easy system configuration. The rack-mountable unit has easy-to-use front panel LCD read out and jog-wheel adjustment.

Our brief is always to deliver the job and with the LEDView530, we have theright tool to just do that!” enthuses Dion Davie, Company Director at Euroscreens Ltd.

Calibre represents the best in class technology that does everything it claims very well. Additionally, it is realistically priced for this market – it’s just perfect.

It’s validating to see that our all-in-one switching scaling technology is deployed by Euroscreens in such high-profile events in front of audiences of millions. We’re excited to see where Euroscreens will take it next!” adds Pauline Brooksbank, Managing Director at Calibre UK.