Unlimi-Tech to launch FileCatalyst Direct 3.5 transfer solution at IBC 2015

Unlimi-Tech Software, Inc., a pioneer in managed file transfers and the Emmy® Award winning creator of FileCatalyst, will officially launch FileCatalyst Direct 3.5 at IBC 2015 on Stand 7.H37, as well as demonstrate the latest updates to the FileCatalyst product suite.

FileCatalyst Direct - the company’s flagship product - is a suite of client and server applications that perform point-to-point accelerated file transfers at speeds of up to 10 Gbps. The latest version, FileCatalyst Direct 3.5, offers users new options to transfer files of any size and format, to anywhere across the globe.

FileCatalyst 3.5 is now fully integrated with - and can save data directly to - Amazon S3, the popular online file storage offered by Amazon Web Services., making it easier than ever for users to share their large media files in the cloud as opposed to having to store files on premise.

FileCatalyst Direct 3.5 also offers extended support for dynamic files. The software compensates for potential file transfer errors, such as those that don’t grow sequentially or are inappropriately modified by certain file formats. FileCatalyst Direct 3.5 can substantially reduce the wait for file transfer corrections, and can also retransfer potions of a file that have been modified once the primary transfer is complete. The latter is particularly important for popular file formats used for live sports broadcasts.

“The driving force behind FileCatalyst Direct 3.5 is that media companies of every kind are sharing content globally, and are increasingly using the cloud to do so, but with varying degrees of frustration due to slow, or incomplete, transfers,” said FileCatalyst co-founder and CEO, Chris Bailey. “FileCatalyst 3.5 makes the content sharing process very fast, and much easier with the new transfer tools and user interface we have developed.”

At IBC, FileCatalyst will also demonstrate the next generation of accelerated file transfer tools, including new and improved features for TransferAgent, a full-featured web browser application for highly accelerated file transfer with no reliance on a Java plug-in. Also, emails, including attachments, can now be sent through TransferAgent and are indistinguishable from a normal email client. The very latest browser security protocols have been incorporated to ensure that files are kept as secure as possible throughout the transfer process.

Additionally, updates to FileCatalyst WorkFlow, a web-based file transfer portal that provides new tools for seamless online file submission and distribution, will be demonstrated.

As the popularity of FileCatalyst continues to grow, so does FileCatalyst’s partner ecosystem, which includes channel and technology partners, the latest of which will be introduced at IBC.

Baily added, “FileCatalyst Direct 3.5 is smarter, faster, and more user friendly than ever, all of which will benefit our customers, our partners, and those who will discover the power of FileCatalyst for the first time at IBC 2015.”