Westlake Football Academy Chooses ChyronHego's Newest Telestration Tool, Coach Paint

MELVILLE, N.Y. -- Aug. 4, 2015 -- ChyronHego today announced that the Westlake Football Academy (WFA) in Austin, Texas, will be one of the first users of the company's Coach Paint video telestration tool, designed for coaches of all sports. WFA will launch its use of Coach Paint for this fall's inaugural tackle football season to reinforce correct technique, simulate game situations, and enhance scout preparation.

WFA is a nonprofit athletic training institute for youth, high school, and collegiate athletes, offering professionally coached programs for football, cheer, speed, agility, strength, track, and general athletic development. Over time, WFA will implement Coach Paint across all of its programs to create an immersive visual learning experience.

"Our teaching philosophy is that an athlete's true potential lies far beyond a physical skill set. If athletes can visualize something happening, they can be more aggressive, play faster, and minimize mistakes. With Coach Paint, we can bring the X's and O's to life and make training interactive, relevant, and engaging," said Ann Hallead, president, Westlake Football Academy. "I can't wait to bring this technology to athletes who otherwise wouldn't have access to elite-level training tools. Coach Paint will change how our athletes learn and how the game is coached at every level."

"Video plays a highly effective role in teaching advanced concepts in football, enabling coaches to review game and practice footage to improve team play. ChyronHego's Coach Paint is a powerful visualization tool that lets us harness the telestration effects we've all seen on major sports broadcasts and bring a new dimension of learning to our athletes," said Carl Frye, vice president and director of football operations for Westlake Football Academy. "Plus, the tool is extremely easy to use. I assumed the learning curve would be steep, but after one tutorial with ChyronHego's director of sports analysis, Bradley Wasilition, I was up and running, creating advanced clips for our teams in a fast and efficient manner."

"With its emphasis on using advanced technologies to create an immersive visualization experience, WFA is a pioneer among youth sports groups. As such, the academy is an ideal customer for Coach Paint," said Mark Bowden, senior product manager, ChyronHego. "Coach Paint makes it easy for the WFA coaches to liven up cutups and help players see and absorb all-important nuances of the game. By highlighting practice and in-game moments and turning them into teaching points, Westlake is able to visually emphasize both individual technique and teamwork, the basis of development for its youth football players."

More information about the full ChyronHego product family is available at www.chyronhego.com.

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Westlake Football Academy (WFA) is a private athletic training institute for youth, high school, and collegiate athletes. The academy offers professionally coached programs for football, cheer, speed, agility, strength, track and general athletic development. Headquartered in Austin, Texas, Westlake Football Academy was formed in January 2015. For more information on Westlake Football Academy, visit www.WestlakeFootballAcademy.com.

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