Omnitek Ultra 4K Tool Box enables 12G-SDI product design for customers worldwide

Test & Measurement leader, Omnitek begins worldwide shipping of the Ultra 4K Tool Box featuring the analysis, generation and conversion of UHDTV signals including the world's very first 12G-SDI Physical Layer analysis and generation toolset. The Tool Box is now in full production and shipping to satisfy the demand for 12G-SDI product design. The Ultra has seen demand from many applications - Semiconductor FPGAs and 12G interface ICs, the world's largest manufacturers of 6G and 12G SDI equipment, broadcasters, and system integrators across Europe, Asia, North America and Australia. The Ultra supports SD through to 4K60 UHDTV via quad 3G, dual 6G, 12G-SDI and DisplayPort. The Ultra has recently seen the addition of a fully featured 12G-SDI Physical Layer toolset, the likes of which have hitherto only been seen on high-end oscilloscopes costing many hundreds of thousands of dollars. The Ultra, at a fraction of the cost, provides real-time 12G-SDI Eye with automatic rise & fall-time measurement, Jitter meters, waveform, histogram and Jitter spectrum analysis. On the generator side, output Jitter insertion, voltage control and slew-rate control are supported - a comprehensive suite of tools essential for 4K product development. Full gearbox conversion between the Ultra's I/O is provided, enabling for example, 4K60 over quad-link 3G Square Division to single-link 12G 2-Sample Interleave conversion. Ultra also offers SD to 4K moving test pattern uncompressed generation and capture. For an overview of the Ultra, or a more comprehensive look at the Physical Layer toolset, bite-sized videos are available at About Omnitek: Omnitek was founded in 2001 specializing in video test and measurement equipment. The company is expert in Field Programmable Gate Array (FPGA) IP and in development boards. Omnitek works closely with manufacturers of video, audio and storage products for broadcast, government, AV, events, military and telecoms and beyond. Omnitek offers an IP and design consultancy service which specializes in FPGA, electronics and software design for video and image processing applications in the broadcast, medical imaging, industrial and defense markets. Through our industry associations we have many years of experience in the development and implementation of standards for test and measurement. Omnitek was awarded a Queen's Award for Enterprise for Innovation in 2008. If you would like to learn more about Omnitek please go to