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Viewcast Adds to Its Niagra Pro and GoStream Families

(click thumbnail)ViewCast will showcase the GoStream SURF, a portable streaming media encoding appliance. It’s the newest in the Niagara line of encoders, all of which are powered by ViewCast Osprey video capture technology. This encoder is the smallest, lightest, and most powerful system in Niagara GoStream portable encoder family. Users can capture video to send multiple full-resolution streams to PCs and mobile devices in multiple formats at multiple bit rates — all simultaneously in real time.

Viecast is also unveiling the Osprey-450e PCI Express Video Capture Card, which offers processing on four independent channels, minimizing internal PC space requirements. The higher channel density offered by the Osprey-450e means fewer computer systems are required to capture multiple channels. The Osprey-450e PCIe card also takes advantage of the latest architecture standard, the high-speed PCI Express bus, for maximum performance. This enables users to capture four individual channels of analog video and unbalanced stereo audio channels simultaneously and process them independently.

Convention-goers also can see the soon-to-be-released Niagara 8224, with eight channels, which enables video surveillance of multiple cameras, each streaming in true D1, full resolution. The 8224, like all Niagara encoders, is constructed with technology to achieve optimized streaming quality and workflow throughout all processes from video capture to ingest and encoding. Standout features of the 8224 include two Osprey-450e PCI Express video capture cards; encoding in all the most-used viewing standards — simultaneously, live in real time, or save to file; as well as the option to upgrade to S-Video and component connectivity.

With the release of the new Niagara SCX 5.3, a feature of the SCX line, its ability to encode in all the widely accepted standards, such as Adobe Flash Live and Windows Media, has been enhanced. Now the start-up process has been streamlined to boot all encoding standards concurrently as opposed to the user initiating each one separately. This element adds to the multifaceted functionality that enables video professionals to consolidate a network of streaming operations for streamlined control and management, content branding, and more.

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