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TV Tech Best of Show Awards: Judges' Thoughts

ALEXANDRIA, VA.—TV Technology unveiled its full slate of winners for the 2016 Best of Show Awards from the 2016 NAB Show. A total of 70 products were selected by a panel of judges. Find out what about these products convinced the judges that they fit the bill for the Best of Show Award.

Accelerated Media Technologies ENGenesis LTE IP-baesd 2/7 GHz ENG BAS Band System:“ENGenesis marries the strengths of both systems where the cutting edge LTE technology of cellular is utilized in broadcasters’ licensed spectrum.”

Accelerated Media Technologies CID-Passport:“With the stroke of a pen, the FCC can create the need for an entirely new type of equipment. In this case, as of this coming September, all satellite transmissions must carry a carrier ID… So they’ve [AMT] ridden to the rescue with a full-featured CID-Modulator that is compatible with all legacy encoders.”

Akamai Broadcast Operations Control Center and Services:“Gives broadcasters the opportunity to have their broadcasts monitored 24/7 via a separate cloud. Can handle big, big events with lots of channels.”

Aspera FASPstream Software for Live and Near-Live Video Streaming:“This is a new application of tried and true technology.”

Avid Nexis Intelligent Storage Platform:“Every cloud should have a silver-lined, bullet-proof bit-bucket like this.”

Bitcentral Continuum 24/7 Automated Digital News Channel Solution:“An automated next-generation news-wheel workflow to help stations monetize their secondary channels.”

Black Box DKM FX 4K60 Interface Cards:“Extremely fast and clean in operation.”

Blackmagic URSA Studio Viewfinder

Blackmagic Design URSA Studio Viewfinder:“Well-designed, simple build, and delivers a great picture. Tally light is bright and colorful.”

Bridge Technologies Timeline Data Analysis:“Simple, intuitive, really effective.”

Canon Compact Servo 18-80mm T4.4L Zoom Lens:“Perfectly fits a market for pro shooters who want an affordable ENG lens that can also be used for cinema work.”

Canon ME200S-SH Multi-Purpose Camera:“This is a lo- cost alternative to Canon’s ME20… so it is within the grasp of the independent filmmaker.”

ChyronHego LyricX:“Great design and much needed to control ChyronHego graphics systems.”

Clear-com Freespeak II-Base Wireless Intercom Systems:A timely introduction with the FCC’s imminent spectrum auction, and if successful, could significantly reduce the bands in which users can operate.”

ChyronHego LyricX

Cobalt Digital 9922-2FS for openGear:“Their latest product offerings now allow for flexibility in SFPs choices, and includes dual-path capabilities often needed when carrying multiple signals throughout a system. The real value here is that the SFP cage can remain fixed in the card frame while the actual card(s) can now be interchanged.”

Datavideo KMU-100:“Allows users to create multiple, virtual, scaled camera angles… The only product I saw that I actually want in my house.”

DekTec DTU-315: ATSC 3.0 Test Modulator:“Fully compliant ATSC 3.0 test modulator that fits in your hand.”

Embrionix emSFP-Gateway SDI/IP Conversion Module:“Embrionix is the only one on the market to have successfully validated their implementation with 10 different IP switch vendors offering customers with best of breed selection."

ENCO MOM - Media Operations Manager:“MOM intelligently centralizes automated video and audio recording, management and playout, enabling the easy scheduling and editing of clips via an intuitive, graphics-based rather than a more typical spreadsheet-style interface.”

Evertz evEDGE Software Defined Compute/Routing Platform:“Evertz has again helped move the industry towards IP by creating its evEDGE product as sort of a ‘user stepping stone’ toward video-over-IP implementation in both large and small scale facilities.”

Fujifilm/Fujinon UA107x8.4 4K Ultra HD Field Lens:“Will be the go-to lens for 4K 2/3-inch sports capture.”

Fusion Broadcast ORD-55: OLED 4K Reference Display System:“A good use of OLED precision display technology, especially when used as a quad screen multiviewer, each with its own processor.”

GatesAir Maxiva ULXT

GatesAir Maxiva High-Power UHF Air-Cooled Transmitters:“The Holy Grail in the transmitter business is a transistor power amplifier that is as (or more efficient) than a tube amplifier. The Maxiva PowerSmart Plus transmitter architecture just got there.”

GatesAir Maxiva XTE Multiformat Exciter for TV Transmitters:“A new exciter that’s ready for ATSC 3.0, and it has an easy-to-use web interface.”

Grass Valley iTX On Demand:“A well-conceived, streamlined solution to automating the process of creating multiple versions for later airing, VOD, etc.”

GV Korona K-Frame S-Series

Grass Valley Korona K-Frame S-Series Production Switcher:“An evolution of their vison mixer range with an entry-level (non-upgradable) version; shares a GUI and operating methodology with GV’s “big brother” switchers.”

Hitachi Kokusai Parallax Liquid Cooled Solid-State Transmitter:“This transmitter definitely appears as the result of a comprehensive, hard engineering work. Each single item seems carefully designed to reduce space requirements, from cooling plates to power supplies.”

IHSE USA Draco Ultra DisplayPort 4K Extender for KVM:“This is a very timely addition to the IHSE KVM switching line, for as we move more and more into the world of UHD video, these very wideband signals will increasingly need to be made available at desktop and other locations within the video plant… The 4K extender handily solves that problem.”

IHSE USA Draco UNI Matrix Switch for KVM, USB & SDI Formats:“A very fast system with very clean video and a tremendous amount of flexibility.”

Ikegami UHK-430 4K/HD Portable Camera System:“As much work has gone into its handling of HDR (high dynamic range), expansive color gamut and sensitivity; and operator friendly improvements to functions such as The Quick Easy Focus Assist round out the reasons for the award.”

Ikegami HDL-F3000 Ultra Low-Light Multi-Purpose Compact Camera:“Passing the imaging information from one piece to the other through a cable is not an easy task. If it was, everybody would do it. Additionally, the aerial newsgathering and surveillance applications require the highest sensitivity possible, along with the ability to reduce haze and compensate for backlight. That and more are what this camera brings to the picnic.”

Imagine Communications xG Schedule Cloud-based Planning and Scheduling:“It’s a migration path for their customer to more modern GUIs and greater functionality without the heavy expense and disruption of a ‘forklift’ upgrade.”

iZotope RX 5 Audio Editor Advanced:“Borrowing from the approach utilized by still and moving image editing software, RX also enables users to ‘clone’ backgrounds in order to extend the bed through a scene with Ambience Match and ‘heal’ audio problems on a spectrogram via Instant process—clever and intuitive.”

JVCKenwood GY-HM200SP Sports Production Streaming Camcorder:“Great stuff for reduced crew live production.”

Lawo V_Matrix:“Full IP A/V broadcast process and router; integrates into a single HW, a number of repurposing gear and a router.”

LiveU MultiPoint IP-based Distribution Workflow:“If your business is managing multiple video streams to multiple locations across wide geographies, the LiveU MultiPoint IP-based distribution workflow is a slick and intuitive interface that shows the connections.”

Matrox Monarch LCS Lecture Capture Appliance:“Cool, compact, affordable recording box that fits a real need in the market.”

Miller Camera Support arrowX Fluid Head Series:“The 16 CB PLUS sequential counterbalance system provides eight large counterbalance steps, then a finer half-step adjustment. This allows the operator to quickly make a rough setting of counterbalance, then finely tune it for a perfect setup.”

NeoGroupe NBS Assets Tracking Solution:“Keeping the accountants happy with your smartphone. Easy tracking of hardware in a large facility.”

Net Insight AB Sye:“Frame-sync OTT streaming across any connected device… Allows social interactions; harmonizes the user experience across all the available platforms.”

NewTek NDI

NewTek Network Device Interface (NDI):“Connect Pro is their new featured software application that enables one to create a virtual network that connects any available media on the IP network.”

Nice People at Work (NPAW) Youbora Business Intelligence/Video Analytics Platform:“Knowing customers is becoming key in the new online video world.”

ONEtastic Spectrum Restorer:“The surprisingly small chassis contains everything necessary to receive and re-transmit ATSC at power ratings up to 130 W.”

Paywizard Agile feature set:“A product that has evolved over a long time: The 8 Decision moments of an SVOD customer is a good way to manage a customer.”

Pebble Beach Systems Orca Virtualized Channel-in-a-Box:“First to market with a new wave of automation that takes advantage of Cloud-based virtualization… Suitable for ad hoc channels, as well as the usual commercial applications.”

Planar Leyard TW Series LED Video Wall:“The video on display is incredibly bright and very sharp.”

Pliant Technologies CrewCom Professional Wireless Intercom:“As easy to use as a 2-wire comm system but with the routing features found in more complex matrix set-ups, it utilizes a CAT5e distribution backbone and compact body packs that offer simple controls and are hardened against the elements.”

Pronology mRes Multi-Resolution Encoder:“Encoder can spit out hi-res, and edit proxy and a streaming version; all from loop recording so it is good for live and reality TV.”


Ross Video ACID Camera:“ACID cameras include a unique new signal format developed by Ross to overcome the difficulties of creating good chroma keys.”

RTS Intercom Systems KP-Series Intercom Keypanels Software:“Both control and audio software enhancements enable optimization of the audio quality and ensure that messages can always be heard.”

ScheduALL Portal:“Allows end users to book services or equipment via something like a Travelocity experience.”

Semtech UHDTV Application Specific Integration Circuit:“This is a just-released integrated circuit that combines switching and processing for 4K applications, opening the way for a new class of products at next year’s NAB Show.”

Sennheiser EK 6042 Two-Channel Camera Receiver:“Accepting signals from Sennheiser analog and digital transmitters simultaneously, and with adaptors for fitting into multiple camera types, the unit effectively offers twice the options of currently available receivers, which should make it attractive to ENG crews everywhere.”

Sixty Ease Live-Interactive, Clickable On-Air Graphics:“Tried to get in to their little demo booth many times, and it was always filled with real customers! Always.”

SmallHD HDR Production Monitors:“These guys invented on camera HD monitors and still make some of the best.”

Softpanels LED Lights with Autocolor:“This is a revolutionary product in that it is a large soft light with a built in color sensor that reads the prevailing light and automatically matches the color temperature.”

Sony HDC-4800 4K 8x High-Speed Camera System:“Can’t imagine a better sports camera for specialty shooting.”

Sony HDC-4800

Teamcast Stream4Cast ATSC 3.0 Modulation & IP Streaming Solution:“The modulator that the Koreans are using for their advanced ATSC 3.0 testing, it is a nicely built and logical product.”

Telemetrics State of the Art Robotic Pan/Tilt Head:“A completely redesigned electronics package and mechanics led to improvements in camera/lens/teleprompter Integration, control redundancy, adjustability and robotic performance.”

Teradek Sphere:“Effective. Does what they promised.”

The Weather Company Max Connect:“Cleverly designed so the presenter never has to turn away from the camera.”

Timecode Systems Limited SyncBac Pro:“Adds timecode to the tiny GoPro HD cameras that are becoming more and more a part of the video landscape, allowing easy sync-ing-up of shots from multiple cameras that might be deployed in reality TV and similar multi-camera shoots.”

Triveni Digital GuideBuilder XM Signaling & Announcement System:“When there is a change-over to ATSC 3.0, GuideBuilder XM can create an on-screen guide with the advanced features expected of ATSC 3.0.”


TSL PAM-IP:“TSL’s new PAM-IP range of monitors will surely assist broadcasters in making the transition to IP workflows, enabling the monitoring of video, audio and associated metadata from either a traditional 3G-SDI connection or a S2022-6 IP stream—a world’s first.”

TSL MPA Audio Monitoring Family:“The first two units, Solo and Mix, accept MADI, SDI, AES-3 and analogue inputs plus Dante and Ravenna, and come in a compact package that, at only 100mm (4 inches) deep, makes them very handy for small OB vans or anywhere with restricted space.”

TVU Networks RPS Live Multi-Camera Remote Production:“With control of the robotics figured out, on-the-fly multicamera remotes could be quickly set up and executed using the bi-directional signal path and studio switching and graphics wherewithal.”

Visionsmith LED ReLamp for Halogen Fresnels:“Visionsmith has come up with LED lamps that plug into the glass tungsten lamps in legacy lighting fixtures, and provide the point-source of light necessary for Fresnel fixture performance… This was a winner from the get-go.”

Vizrt Viz Story:“One of the best hand-held mobile edit systems I’ve seen. Best yet, it benefits from Vizrt graphics, or can utilize a station’s own graphics bundles. Story can start editing in the field, publish directly from the mobile unit or finish in a stations craft editing suite.”

V-Nova Sky in Italy’s HD IPTV Platform, powered by Perseus:“The seamless software upgrade through Sky Italia’s head end and installed customer base enabled Sky Italia to half the full HD bitrate from 8 Mbps reached with its previous compression solution to 4 Mbps. This helped to significantly enhance the viewing experience and widen customer reach.”

Wheatstone LXE Digital Audio TV Master Control Console:“Inspired by customer feedback, every switch, rotary control and control screen on the surface is programmable using the console’s configuration software and may perform any desired function—and not just typical mixer functions, but also scripts.”

YospaceCDS – Dynamic Ad Insertion for Live Simulcast:“Ad insertion in live that works is impressive.”