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TSL Products to highlight PAM1 MK2 audio monitor at CCW 2013

TSL Products will showcase its new PAM1 MK2 precision audio monitor, the SAM1 MADI studio audio monitor, and new features for its PAM PiCo range of audio and loudness meters at the Content & Communications World 2013 (CCW 2013) in New York City, Nov. 13-14.

The PAM1 MK2 is suitable for a wide group of users in television production, ranging from technical to creative engineering. It has the capability to provide accurate monitoring of a multitude of incoming audio signals, including during a breaking news or live sports presentations. The PAM1 MK2’s loudness histogram provides a visual representation of loudness against time, so users can be confident that outgoing signals are compliant.

The SAM1 MADI delivers comprehensive visual and audio feedback for confidence monitoring within a MADI audio infrastructure. It provides users with immediate access to any combination of formats, including MADI, embedded HD-SDI, AES and analog sources, in a mixed multichannel environment.

The PAM PiCo is well suited for those requiring easy-to-use, reliable, accurate and compact loudness metering.

See TSL Products at Content & Communications World 2013 booth 1342.