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Solid State Logic Unveiling Sigma Delta at AES 2015

NEW YORK—Solid State Logic is set to debut its new upgrade to the Sigma Remote Controlled Analogue Summing system at the 139th AES Convention, the Sigma Delta. New updates for the hybrid production environment include Delta-Control software, a new cross platform Remote Control app, and direct MCU control.

Sigma Delta

SSL’s Delta-Control system uses DAW plug-in architecture to enable analogue signal path automation from a DAW. The main interface for Delta-Control is a native AAX/RTAS/VST/VST3 plug-in that allows automation of Sigma channel volume as if it were a DAW plug-in. The automation system in the DAW is used to record and playback Sigma volume control data entered either directly from the fader in the plug-in GUI or from an MCU control surface controlling Sigma directly.

The new Sigma Remote Control app provides full control of Sigma functions in addition of the ability to store and recall saved settings. Able to run on a Mac, PC or tablet device, the app connects through Ethernet or wireless if on a tablet. Three main screens provide control and set-up of the Master Section, Channel Control and Global Settings parameters.

In addition, MCU control gives Sigma direct control over the Sigma analogue mix path and monitor switch from SSL’s Nucleus DAW controller or any other Ethernet equipped MCU enabled hardware control surface. MCU control requires a 16 fader MCU compliant surface to be connected via a network cable to the same DHCP server or router that Sigma is connected to. This connection becomes a fully integrated 32 into four automated line mixer, with full monitoring and talkback capabilities.

SSL will release Sigma Delta in December. AES 2015 attendees can get a preview at booth 227 during the convention, which takes place from Oct. 29-Nov. 1 in New York.