Shotoku USA Gets ‘Smart’ at 2019 NAB Show

LAS VEGAS—There’s a new lineup of products set to be part of Shotoku USA’s demonstration at the 2019 NAB Show that have gone smart. SmartRail, a new generation of Shotoku’s rail-based camera systems, and the SmartPedVR robotic XY pedestal are two of the featured examples of what’s new at Shotoku.



The SmartRail is designed for floor or ceiling operation through a range of height column configurations. Combining Shotoku’s control systems with a rail-based dolly system and elevator column system, the configuration offers unique perspectives for productions.

Then there is the SmartPedVR Robotic Pedestal, which operates as a fully robotic XY pedestal. The three-wheel, smooth-steer pedestal features a new height column, multi-zone collision avoidance and detection systems and an electro-mechanical steer/drive system. It also can handle instant switchover between local/remote operation. Shotoku will demonstrate the SmartPedVR within an AR environment, fully integrated with real-time graphics systems.

In addition to its “Smart” tech, Shotoku will also display the LiveView, a live video control option for the TR-XT control system. With a miniature HD camera mounted on the robotic-controlled-full broadcast camera, the operator can access more information than from a broadcast camera. By selecting any LiveView-enabled cameras, operators can manually control the camera as usual via a joystick or use LiveView control via the on-screen live video.

A set of manual and ENG tripods are also among Shotoku’s offerings. The SD (SD20 and SD40) and SE (SE80 and SE150) are the manual tripods, with the SD featuring fixed counterbalance and drag systems tailored to the payload of the head, a two-stage tripod mid-level spreader and soft carry case, while the SE offer a high-quality drag system and a multiple level counterbalance system.

The ENG tripods are the SX200 and SX260, which can carry 44 and 55 pounds respectively, and have easily adjustable counterbalance systems and a speedy drag system.

Shotoku will display all of these products at its booth, C9511, during the 2019 NAB Show.

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