Omnitek Coming to IBC With New Ultra TQ

BASINGSTOKE, ENGLAND—IBC 2017 will serve as an introduction for Omnitek’s new Ultra TQ broadcast waveform rasterizer, per a recent show preview.

Ultra TQ

The video test and measurement provider’s next generation broadcast waveform rasterizer is based on the Ultra 4K Tool Box and Ultra XR technology. With this background, Ultra TQ can perform QC and monitoring of SD-SDI/HD-SDI/3G-SDI signals as standard. It also features the tools expected of a broadcast waveform rasterizer, including picture, waveform, monitor, vectorscope, video status, video timing, audio meters, audio status, loudness, TC logging and basic line pattern generator. Additional options are available to provide a broadcast solution for those working with either SDR or HDR material with PQ, Hybrid Log Gamma or S-Log profiles.

At the IBC conference, the Ultra TQ will be supporting analysis of video over SDI or IP links as a SMPTE 2110/SMPTE 2022-6 enabled waveform rasterizer for broadcast applications.

Additional Omnitek products expected to be shown during the conference include the Ultra XR 4K/UHD waveform rasterizer and the Ultra 4K Tool Box/UHD Analyzer/Generator/Converter, both running v3.3 software. The v3.3 release includes remote waveforms, video pass-through, audio meters with industry scales and ballistics, loudness graph, surround sound audio meters, program loudness meters, O-Zone picture scale, timecode display, clean display mode and many other features and improvements.

Omnike will be located at booth 10.A24 during IBC 2017.