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NAB Product Preview: Storage and Recording

Storage and recording solutions continue to embrace HD and IT technologies. Exhibitors will come to the 2011 NAB Show to showcase new options like mobile flypack solutions, multi-tier archives, carousel storage options, 3D and large array storage area networks.


Abekas will show off the Mira production server, available in four- and eight-channel configurations, and featuring HD and SD image quality in a 3RU chassis. The company will also highlight the ClipStoreMXc, which accommodates JPEG-2000 compressed HD and uncompressed SD digital video.

Alcorn McBride will feature the SetPlayer 1000, an HD video clip player, and the Set Player 8000, a multichannel video clip player offering up to 8 channels of HD video in 3 RU.

Alteran Technologies will showcase its videotape ingest flypack solutions, including the ViTaDi AutoPack, a four-channel mobile videotape ingest flypack, the ViTaDi mini-AutoPack and the ViTaDi-AutoVTRPack-UMatic.

Atempo will release a new version of the Atempo Digital Archive. V3.2 allows users to create a scalable, non-proprietary, multi-tier archive that allows editors to archive, search and retrieve assets directly from an Avid interface.

The Autocue/QTV Group will showcase the Autocue video server, a Linux-based video server that features bi-directional HD/SD ports, a range of storage capacities, and a dedicated user interface.

Avid AirSpeed Multi StreamAvid will show its storage solutions, which include the AirSpeed Multi Stream, ISIS 7000 and VideoRAID disk arrays.

Blue Lucy Media will unveil their new Miura Ingest, a client/server-based video and audio ingester that accepts an (HD or SD) SDI signal at any standard of frame rate/resolution.

BLT Italia will showcase the SMS-4U, an eight-channel HD broadcast video server that offers simultaneous recording during playback. The system records up to four independent HD video sources and supports dual-stream HD-SDI for full 1080p and full resolution 3D-HD. The smaller version—the SMS-2U—will also be on display as will the RUS-ColorPLUS, a remote control panel for BLT video server.

Broadpeak will introduce the BkM100 CDN Mediator, a storage solution centered on a bandwidth management module designed to adequately reserve the bandwidth to better address video delivery requests. The BkS100 TS server supports multiple video formats and features load balancing mechanisms to maximize uptime.

Archive solutions from Cache-A will include the Prime Cache archive appliance, the Pro Cache 4 and 5, and the Pro Cache Library 24/48.

CalDigit will have systems such as the CalDigit AV Drive and VR mini on display.

Digital Broadcast comes to the NAB Show with the mediaVault Carousel, an archive system that offers mass storage on Blu-ray discs for broadcast news, programming and production operations. The unit can store up to 150 electronically organized optical disks.

Storage options from EVS will include ingest, production and playout servers like the XT[2]+ as well as archive storage gateways such as the XStore SAN.

Evertz will launch EMS, the Evertz Media Server Solution, a scalable clustered NFS server with fault-resilient multitiered core storage and multichannel playout client.

For digital film archiving, Fraunhofer IIS offers the CURATOR Archive Suite, a software solution for digital film archives.

Grass Valley K2 Summit Transmission Client and ServerGrass Valley will introduce the K2 Summit Transmission Client line, which consists of five models: two shared storage clients that connect to a K2 storage area network (SAN) via iSCSI and three integrated storage servers. This new version of K2 is based on the K2 Summit platform, but has been optimized to meet the specific needs of transmission/play-to-air envionments.

Harmonic is launching the Omneon MediaPort 700 series of video I/O modules for the Omneon Spectrum media server system. The MediaPort 7000 is a single highly configurable unit that delivers new multicodec support with enhanced media processing functionality to streamline playout workflows and simplify the transition to HD.

Harris will showcase the Harris NEXIO Farad, an online storage system designed for large-scale ingest, editing and playout for production, sports, news and live-event applications.

Harris NEXIO FaradMarquis Broadcast plans to show the Parking Sequence Archiver, a new sequence archiver for editing systems that helps users achieve further efficiencies from file-based workflows. Parking uses a drag and drop action to transfer edit sequences from online edit storage to nearline or long-term archives.

Merging Technologies will show the Ovation Platinum, a media sequencer and playout system.

NVerzion is expanding the capacity in its TeraStore line of disk-based storage solutions, which can now support up to 144 TB of network-attached storage with the addition of a 3 TB 48-bay configuration. The embedded Xpansion file management software provides automated file migration capabilities.

Orad will showcase PlayMaker, an eight-channel HD/SD slow motion server with the new PlayNet module, which allows Gigabit network file sharing between servers for preview, copy or instant playout of clips from remote servers.

For storage needs, Panasonic will introduce the AJ-SF110 Video Ingest software and AJ-SF100 Linear Open-Tape archive software to facilitate the secure storage and retrieval of P2 content.

Ross comes to the NAB Show with the SoftMetal 3000 Series video server product line, which is primarily targeted at production playout of clips and graphics as well as for commercial playout under automation control. SoftMetal will be shown with new v4.4 software, which adds VDCP control protocol over Ethernet and AMP automation control support.

Ross SoftMetal ServerSAN Solutions will show the ArtiSAN 9400, a SAN storage platform that supports multiple streams of 2K/4K media as well as all HD video streams. The ArtiSAN 5400 is designed for high-capacity requirements and offers 192 TB of 2K/4K storage. Also debuting at the show will be the ArtiSAN Content Archive, a high-capacity, affordable storage tier.

SeaChange International has increased the capacity of its Universal Media Library IT-based broadcast storage platform to 144TB while maintaining its original 9RU footprint. It is now scalable to a grid architecture, providing broadcasters with a massive, all-in-one solution for storage, archive, direct-to-edit, edit-in place and play to air.

Small Tree will introduce a new line of tape storage products known as GraniteSTOR Archive. The system features LTO-5 tape technology capable of storing up to 3 TB per cartridge. The company will also show the GraniteSTOR ST-RAID II, an Ethernet-based shared storage system.

Sonnet Technologies will showcase the Fusion RX1600Fibre video editing shared storage system, the new Transposer universal 2.5-inch SATA SSD to 3.5-inch drive tray adapter and the Qio universal media reader/writer.

Sonnet Technologies Fusion RX1600Fibre Channel Storage SystemTelVue will show its line of Princeton digital broadcast servers and workflow equipment.

Thomson Video Networks will showcase the Sapphire MPEG broadcast server, which offers capture, playout and regionalization capabilities. New features include frame-accurate clip editing enhancements, advanced logo insertion features and BXF support.

Video Clarity comes to show off the ClearView Player, which offers file importing and reliable uncompressed HDTV play and record operations.

Wowza Media Systems will highlight the Wowza Media Server 2, a video engine that unifies delivery of live and on-demand video and audio streams to multiple clients and devices.

The digital video archiving solutions from Xendata include the SX archive servers, which also work to manage LTO tape libraries.


AETA Audio Systems will show off the 4MinX, a portable mixer-recorder that offers multitrack recording and supports SD/SDHC recording media.

In the recording media department, AJA Video Systems will show the KONA 3G, a capture card that offers multiformat SD/HD/dual link/3G/2K video I/O hardware for Mac and PC-based systems. Miniaturization is the key to the Ki Pro Mini portable tapeless recorder, a flash disk recorder that mounts to digital cameras and accessories.

Band Pro Film & Digital will display the Codex Digital onboard recorder that can record full ARRIRAW, uncompressed or wavelet cinema-quality HD material onto a single, removable data pack.

Designed for studio desktop applications, Datavideo will be at NAB with the HDR-40 recorder, which records from both SD and HD equipment via SDI with HDMI output; and the DN-60 recorder, a field recorder that utilizes removable and high-capacity memory cards.

Doremi Labs will show off the DcPost, which allows for visually lossless playback of up to 400 Mbps DCPs. Transport controls include variable speed playback, 3D playback, shuttle, jog and skip/chase.

DVEO will feature the new OnRamp 8VSB/IP, a Linux-based 8VSB to IP Gateway that simultaneously receives transport streams from one to eight 8VSB stations and outputs them to an IP network.

Fast Forward Video sideKick HD A helpful sidekick can be found in the Fast Forward Video booth in the form of the sideKick HD, a camera-mountable digital video recorder that can capture high-quality video and record directly to NLE formats. Programming can be reviewed and played back on an integrated 4.3-inch monitor.

Focus will highlight its new FS-H200 Pro, a portable Compact Flash video recorder that offers users solid-state acquisition with direct to edit technology to a DV or HDV camcorder, and allows users to view thumbnails and play back proxy content, as well as create and share MPEG-4 proxy clips. Also on display will be the Focus FS-CF Pro, a portable Compact Flash video DTE recorder and Focus FS-T1001 camera mount media recorder, designed for HDCAM and XDCAM HD cameras. The system interfaces with the camera’s HD-SDI port and records industry-standard XDCAM EX video directly to a removable SxS Pro or SxS-1 solid-state memory card.

Haivision will demonstrate the Furnace IP video distribution system with an InStream player that offers the ability to record, distribute and playback multiple synchronized HD H.264 media streams.

Hitachi will display the CR-P2HD, a portable HDTV recorder that can record both 1080i and 720p video formats. It features HD-SDI digital video and analog audio outputs as standard, as well as USB2.0 and IEEE1394 connections.

Hi-Tech Enterprises will show off the Stream Breeze, a real-time four-input HD/SD switcher/recorder/player.

Panasonic AJ-PCD 30 P2 driveMaxell will introduce seven new products to its iVDR line, including the iVDR desktop drive with SATA connectivity, the 4-bay Storage Tower, 4-bay Cipher Tower, 5-bay Storage Tower, 5-bay Cipher Tower, 9-bay Storage Tower and 9-bay Storage Rack. Each can be configured with a combination of iVDR, SATA or IDE drive trays accommodating 2.5-inch and 3.5-inch HDD.

Panasonic will show a new three-slot AJ-PCD30 P2 drive with a USB 3.0 interface. Also on display: Panasonic’s E-Series of 64GB, 32GB and 16GB P2 cards now at reduced prices.

Pixelmetrix will show new solutions, including DVStor2, a recording and playback system with RAID-6 and redundant power supplies.

Sony 1 TB SRM emory card In the DDR space, SAN Solutions will show off two new versions of the ArtiSAN DDR—one designed for broadcast workflows and the other for post production. The ArtiSAN DDR for broadcast is an ingest/playback server that supports a range of formats in SD and HD. The post-production model offers high resolution, direct capture, and playback.

In the individual media arena, Sonnet Technologies will show the Qio professional universal media reader/writer, the Qio MR for desktop PC users and the lower cost Qio E3.

Sony Electronics will highlight new solutions as part of its HDCAM SR technology, including an SRMemory Studio Deck, an SRMemory Transfer Unit, SRMemory Portable Recorders and new 1 TB SRMemory solid-state media.

SSL will bring in the Gravity Studio Recorder HD. This video disk recorder is a replacement for current VTRs and has full linear recording capabilities. With the Gravity system, a recording can be paused, rewound and re-recorded multiple times without creating a new file, allowing users to create a single file or seamless recording.