NAB NY: Wheatstone Will Demo the WheatNet-IP M4IP-USB BLADE

NEW YORK—Wheatstone will feature the WheatNet-IP audio network for live remote productions and other purposes. Wheatstone’s WheatNet-IP is an AES67-compatible IP audio network system made up of I/O BLADEs for ingesting audio, controlling microphones and other studio devices, and transporting real-time audio over IP. As part of a wide area network between the main studio and a sports stadium or other venue for live remote production, the WheatNet-IP M4IP-USB BLADE is used at the remote site as an interface between the network and up to four microphones. This four-channel mic processor has four XLR inputs and an Ethernet output port, with parametric EQ, de-esser and compressors for each channel.

The M4IP-USB can be used as a standalone BLADE, or it can be part of a network of BLADEs to form a WheatNet-IP audio network. The company says it can also be interfaced to almost any analog or digital mixer that takes AES or analog audio. As an AES67-compatible unit, it can be interfaced into IP audio networks that have AES67 (such as Dante).

Like other BLADEs, the M4IP-USB has two eight-channel utility mixers that can be assigned to be a very low-latency IFB subsystem and/or premixer with remote control capability in a network of other BLADEs. It includes built-in silence detection on all outputs with auto switchover and auto fall back for operational reliability, and USB ports for ingesting audio directly from computers and other devices. As an I/O BLADE, it can route audio streams to anywhere in the network.

Wheatstone will exhibit in booth N171.