NAB NY: Triveni Adds SLA Verification to StreamScope RM-50

NEW YORK—As the repack progresses, broadcasters need to verify that Service-Level Agreements are being met, so Triveni Digital has added an SLA verification feature to its StreamScope RM-50 remote transport stream monitor. Triveni will showcase this new feature during the 2017 NAB Show New York.

The StreamScope RM-50 can be used to monitor a range of SLA parameters, including the maximum and minimum bandwidth allowed for all services having the same number, the maximum percentage of overall transport bandwidth allowed to be used by the services with the same major number, stream structure and number of services per major number.

The RM-50 provides a single web-based dashboard to configure all SLA attributes and view whether a given transport, associated services and metadata are currently in compliance with and associated SLA. Instant notifications are provided when an SLA is not being met. SLA compliance can be shown for the current and selected time periods.

In addition, the StreamScope RM-50 is fully integrated with Triveni’s StreamScope EM-50 enterprise manager, offering advanced fleet management capabilities to keep software levels of monitoring systems up-to-date.

Existing customers can access the SLA capability via a software upgrade. The feature is also integrated with the current triggering features available on StreamScope RM-50, allowing broadcasters to trigger based on noncompliance with an SLA.

Triveni will feature this product at booth N447.