Linear to Spotlight New Processors at NAB

Linear Acoustic will promote their revitalized AEROMAX series during NAB2007, which features multilevel dynamic processing for multichannel and stereo, audio and television. Metadata Support and Stereo-to-Stereo Upmixing plug-in accessories are available for AEROMAX models.

The series incorporates precise audio frame synchronization as a standard feature to reduce costs and help maintain flawless digital audio. The AEROMAX-DTV offers six-channel ability for surround broadcasting, loudness control, EAS insertion and metadata support; and is a cost-effective way to process 5.1-channel surround audio.

The AEROMAX-TV dynamics unit can handle two-channel main plus SAP audio, or four mono channels. Another feature is CrowdControl Dialog Protection Processing, which solves the problem of the missing announcer for stereo viewers without compromising sound quality.

Also to be featured at NAB2007, the LA-5180 MetaMAX Metadata Frame Synchronizer and Generator takes external metadata, analyzes and regenerates it for consistency, can automatically build missing metadata and can be used as a standalone metadata generator. The StreamStacker-HD High-Density e^2 Audio Distribution System allows up to 16 audio and data channels in a single package, is editable on AES frame boundaries, is very resilient to errors and keeps audio and video well synchronized.

Linear Acoustic’s work has involved Sirius Satellite Radio, Microsoft, HBO, Viacom, Disney, Miramax and Sony Studios. It actively participates with the ATSC and other organizations and is a member of the AES, IEEE and the Society of Motion Picture and Television Engineers. For more information, go to