Eurofins Previews Arreios for ATSC 3.0 at 2019 NAB Show

LAS VEGAS—Joining in on the hot topic of ATSC 3.0 at the NAB Show, Eurofins Digital Testing has announced that it will be showcasing its new test suite for the Next Gen TV standard, Arreios for ATSC 3.0.

With the new testing suite, users can verify ATSC 3.0 features, including UHD and HDR video over broadcast and broadband, interactive applications, targeted advertising, emergency alerts and content recovery, and watermarking.

The conformance test suite includes a complete lab test environment for device black box testing; built-in automation and intuitive UI for managing test execution; ATSC 3.0 test plan and test information; video capture and automated video playback recognition; AV Data Processing Unit for verifying audio/video synchronization and frame rate detection; dynamic stream packaging and playout; integrated web server for hybrid scenarios; and integrated test report generation.

Eurofins developed the Arreios for ATSC 3.0 test suite in collaboration with Pearl, NAB and other ATSC stakeholders.

The Arreios for ATSC 3.0 will be on display at the Futures Park are in the North Hall, N1335, during the NAB Show. To register for the NAB Show, visit