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DTVAG Forum to Explore TV Audio Trends at AES LA

NEW YORK—The DTV Audio Group returns to AES International Convention this year with its DTVAG Forum, this year ready to address new developments with audio production and delivery in television. The forum, titled “The Changing Face of Television Audio: Objects, Immersivity, and Personalization,” will take place on Oct. 1.

Among the topics that will be covered in the forum are: the impact of VR on immersivity and personalization in television; evolving tools for object audio post production; advanced authoring tools: live audio production; challenges and opportunities for live production deliverables; and the challenges of loudness management in multi-platform streamed content delivery.

“The impact of streaming is upending the entire television business, and audio is benefitting,” said Roger Charlesworth, executive director of DTVAG. “The migration from traditional broadcasting to an IP stream-based model is accelerating the uptake of advanced encoding solutions with sophisticated audio services. This is good news, but expect turbulence along the way.”

AES 141 will take place in Los Angeles from Sept. 29-Oct. 2. The DTVAG Forum will be held at the Los Angeles Convention Center on Oct. 1 from 1:30 p.m. to 6 p.m.