Dielectric Sets Debut of Dual RF Switch Controller at NAB 2020

RAYMOND, Maine—The 2020 NAB Show is going to serve as the public debut for Dielectric’s new Dual RF Switch Controller (DRFSC), a new simplified version for local and remote control of transmission systems.

Integrating SNMP and secure web-based capabilities, DRFSC streamlines the management of waveguide and coaxial transfer switch activation for modern TV and radio transmitters. With SNMP integration, the controller has an intuitive touchscreen-enabled configuration that enables installers to setup and deploy the system in two hours or less, per Dielectric.

Powered by Burk Technology, the platform can control up to two, four-port RF switches to provide flexible RF routing in systems with auxiliary transmitters and/or antennas. Users can locally activate control applications from its front panel, or remotely through a web browser interface. Burk’s Plus-X protocol is also integrated, allowing for connectivity to Burk’s RAC Plus remote control system via a network connection for centralizing DRFSC functions with other control and monitoring applications.

Additional protection comes from DRFSC’s ability to control transmitter interlocks as switches change position, preventing damage by ensuring that RF energy is turned off when RF switches are commanded to move to a new position.

The 2020 NAB Show takes place from April 19-22 in Las Vegas. Dielectric will present the DRFSC at its booth, C2622.