Colorfront Debuts UHD, HDR Technology at SMPTE 2015

HOLLYWOOD, CALIF.—Colorfront is whetting the appetite of SMPTE attendees with previews of its new UHD and HDR products that it plans to release in 2016, the Transkoder 2016 and On-Set Dailies 2016.

Both the Transkoder 2016 and On-Set Dailies feature the Colorfront Engine, an ACES-complaint, HDR-managed color pipeline that enables on-set look creation and ensures color fidelity of UHD, HDR materials and metadata through the camera-to-post chain. The Colorfront Engine supports the fully dynamic range and color gamut of digital camera formats and is able to map into industry-standard deliverables like IMF specs, AS-11 DPP and HEVC.

Transkoder 2016

Specifically, the Transkoder 2016 features a new mastering toolset with statistical analysis tools for immediate HDR data graphing. Its UHD toolset features tools to concurrently color grade HDR and SDR UHD versions. In addition, the Transkoder can output simultaneous, real-time grades on 4K 60p material to dual Sony OLED BVM-X300 broadcast monitors while visually graphing MaxFALL/MaxCLL light values per frame.

Enhancements to the On-Set Dailies 2016 include support for latest camera formats, the new multi-view dailies capability for concurrent, real-time playback and color-grading of all cameras and camera views.

Colorfront is also premiering file-based transwrapping, allowing video essence data to be passed through the transcoding process without re-encoding, enabling frame-accurate insert editing on closed digital deliverables.

Colorfront is located at booth 311. SMPTE 2015 is currently underway in Los Angeles.