Best of Show Up Close: Flanders Scientific XM311K Monitor

“Best of Show Up Close” is a series about nominees and winners in the annual Future Best of Show at NAB award program.

We spoke with Bryan Gordon of Flanders Scientific, which was a Best of Show winner with its XM311K monitor.

TV Technology:Tell us about XM311K, what does it offer broadcasters?

Bryan Gordon: The XM311K is a 31-inch 10-bit professional reference monitor designed for color critical monitoring of 4K, UHD and HD signals. It features robust 3D LUT based calibration support and HDR capabilities making it suitable for a wide range of applications.

With a 12Gbps SDI I/O that supports 12G, 6G and Quad 3G SDI in, out and loop-through connections, the XM311K is ready for any professional workflow. The monitor showcases many useful features, such as 4K compatible waveform and vectorscope, two de-interlacing options, HD-to-UHD upscaling, direct compatibility with on-set color applications and a variety of markers.

The XM311K utilizes a Light Modulating Cell Layer LCD that boasts a fullscreen peak luminance of 1,000cd/m2 support for both PQ and HLG EOTFs, multiple color gamut selections and a contrast ratio of 1,000,000:1.

TVT:Tell us about the new firmware updates for XM monitors and what advantages that will bring?

BG: The newest firmware update (1.1.61) for XM series monitors includes the highly anticipated LUM Coloring adjustable exposure check feature. This false color capability generates an artificial luminance map of the incoming source that can be particularly useful in identifying the overexposed or underexposed areas of any given shot. An onscreen scale helps indicate which artificial color corresponds with what luminance, and includes four knob-adjustable points from 0-100% that allow you to establish specific target areas to be shown in false color or grayscale.

TVT:What is it about XM311K that sets it apart from similar offerings?

BG: The XM311K features industry leading tetrahedral LUT interpolation, qualifies as a Dolby Vision mastering monitor and is suitable for practically any 4K, UHD or HD monitoring requirement in both HDR and SDR. The XM311K uses a groundbreaking new LCD technology that introduces an independently controllable layer of light modulating cells between the backlight and traditional display cell. This allows for greatly expanded individual pixel level control of light intensity resulting in several key benefits compared to traditional LCDs including truer black levels, much higher contrast ratios, no halation / flare artifacts and no loading behavior. Compared to OLED technology LMCL has the distinct benefit of avoiding burn-in as well as being able to maintain consistent peak luminance regardless of overall scene brightness.

TVT:What does it cost? Is it shipping?

BG: FSI is pleased to announce that the XM311K HDR Mastering monitor has a new lower list price of $35,000 and is available to purchase now.

TVT:What else should we know about XM311K or Flanders Scientific in general?

BG: Flanders Scientific is an Alpharetta, Georgia-based company offering high quality professional equipment to the broadcast and post-production industries. In addition to our Atlanta area headquarters, FSI also operates a sales and service center in Lier, Belgium, providing direct service to customers throughout Europe.