Arvato Systems Demos EditMate proxy at SMPTE 2016

LOS ANGELES—Arvato Systems is following up on its release of the EditMate software last year with the addition of the proxy functionality. EditMate proxy is integrated into Arvato’s VPMS media asset management system, allowing users to work in Adobe Premiere Pro with lo-res streaming of central hi-res media.

The proxy offers a centralized render engine to incorporate all effects, audio, subtitles, graphics and locally produced voice-over tracks. Users are able to edit at their desktops while their work is centrally available in EditMate project. EditMate also manages project conversion from hi-res to lo-res when needed.

EditMate proxy can hold multiple hi-res clips in a central location or distributed across customer sites, with users being able to connect to it via the internet. In addition, EditMate proxy users can work with media from parked projects or archived clips before they have been completed or restored. Users can continue editing while a project is parked and switch at any later point to a hi-res version.

Arvato Systems is located at booth 112 during SMPTE 2016, which is currently underway.