AMT Makes Pit Stop at 2017 NAB Show

LAS VEGAS—Accelerated Media Technologies has rolled up to the Las Vegas Convention Center with its line of Ford and Nissan high top conversion ENG/DSNG vans. The company has also announced an agreement with SAF for studio-to-transmitter technology.

The Ford and Nissan model vans were designed with roof capacities of more than 2,000 pounds while also increasing the interior work weight. The vehicles do still remain under 10 feet. These trucks offer full OEM certification.

Meanwhile, AMT has tapped SAF Tehnika’s point-to-point microwave radios as the studio-to-transmitter backhaul unit for the ENGensis LTE ENG system. The SAF technology has the ability to transmit the bi-directional signals that are produced by the ENGensis without interruption. This is enables full remote control of IP devices in the field from a centralized studio.

AMT will have the new trucks and transmitter system on display at its booths, C3636 and OE1309, during the 2017 NAB Show.