[Webinar] IP for Media Part 3 - Security

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As media networks increasingly migrate to using IP-based systems, the question of how to ensure security of signals and networks is a major consideration. Without good security practices, content can be stolen, broadcasts can be interrupted, and network devices can be damaged.

Ensuring security is not only about technology. Choosing the right policies can be essential – things that work well for a bank may not be appropriate for a media organization. Rules and practices need to be developed for anyone with access to a network and these rules need to be followed. Procedures for
investigating and dealing with suspected intrusions need to be documented and rehearsed with key employees.

In this webinar, we will cover many of the key security concerns and current techniques for assessing, developing, implementing and monitoring security practices for media systems.

Topics will include:

  •  Physical Network Security
  • Internal and External network connections
  • Signal Security/Encryption
  • Human Security Factors/Training
  • Risk Assessment

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Tom Butts
Content Director
TV Technology

Wes Simpson
Telecom Product Consulting,
Wes Simpson, President, Telecom Product Consulting, an independent consulting firm that focuses on video and telecommunications products. He has more than 25 years experience in the design, development and marketing of products for telecommunication applications. He is a frequent speaker at industry events such as IBC, NAB and VidTrans and is author of the book Video Over IP. Wes was a founding member of the Video Services Forum.

Will Waters
Vice President of Customer Success
Will Waters is NewTek’s VP of Customer Success. Waters specializes in broadcast production workflow planning, product configuration, and oversees NewTek’s professional services and customer support divisions. Watersis an evangelist for production over IP and is directly involved in creating awareness and adoption of NDI® technology. He has been intimately involved in many new product concepts and aligns customer needs with market requirements. Waters has served in roles as sales engineer and top-level support at NewTek. Prior to joining NewTek he was a systems designer and integrator, designing large-scale production video systems and streaming solutions.

Mark Stross, Chief Technology Officer, ANC

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