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NDI Central Pavilion: Must See Exhibitors

LEAWOOD, Kan.—The 2019 NAB Show is nearly upon us with the conference scheduled to begin April 6 and the exhibit floor at the Las Vegas Convention Center opening April 8.

Coverage of Graphics Outfitters, News Maker Systems and Sportzcast in this blog wraps up this pre-NAB look at NDI Central Pavilion exhibitors.

(For coverage of the other pavilion exhibitors check out the first and second Pre-NAB NDI Central Pavilion blogs.)

The NDI Central Pavilion will be located in the South Lower Hall of the Las Vegas Convention Center (booth SL5616). It will be adjacent to the NewTek booth (SL5016). There, 16 exhibitors will show their solutions with NDI support.

Good luck at the show. See you in Las Vegas.

Graphics Outfitters

Graphics Outfitters will feature its ReplayHD instant replay, an NDI-integrated production system with up to eight channels of NDI Replay, Replay Wipes as well as two NDI keyers outside of Replay and two inside. Commercial Playback options are available.

The company will also show its Rundown CG with up to four channels of NDI CG graphics that can be controlled independently or via mainstream newsroom automation systems. A Rundown CG cloud-based newsroom automation application is also available.

Graphics Outfitters will also feature its ScoreHD dual-channel NDI sports graphics system with specific control applications for a multitude of sports.

More information is available on the Graphics Outfitters website.

To set up an NAB appointment email Kevin Beaumont at or call 321-888-3800.

NewsMaker Systems

NewsMaker Systems will demonstrate its NewsCaster family of news production automation systems.

NewsCaster CONNECT provides a seamless bridge between an existing newsroom system and the NewTek TriCaster family or IP Series. By facilitating quick communication between these two previously incompatible systems, broadcasters can in seconds design rundowns within their newsroom system, populate them with all of the various media assets needed for their show and export the rundown to their TriCaster or IP Series.

As the show progresses, NewsCaster CONNECT continuously monitors the TriCaster or IP Series and dynamically makes updates to reflect changes made in the newsroom computer system.

NewsCaster CONTROL is a full automation suite for the NewTek TriCaster family and IP Series. With NewsCaster CONTROL, a full broadcast can be designed, imported into the TriCaster or IP Series and put on the air by a single person.

More information is available on the company’s website.


At the Sportzcast stand in the NDI Central Pavilion, the company will show its ScoreHub, its next generation Scorebot from Sportzcast.

Built to succeed the Scorebot 4000 for real-time data distribution from any scoreboard. ScoreHub adds new components, including a touchscreen LED control panel, wireless connectivity options as well as HDMI and native NDI implementation.

Users can design a completely custom scoreboard graphic on any PC and overlay real-time scoreboard data fields. The graphic is uploaded to the cloud via Sportzcast’s CloudFX plugin where it is synced with the real-time scoreboard data from the ScoreHub. The completed graphic is then instantly available at any destination via NDI or HTML.

More information is available on the Sportzcast website.

To set up an NAB appointment e-mail Sam Provencher at

Phil Kurz

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