NDI Central Pavilion: Exhibitors Reveal 2019 NAB Plans (Part 1)

LEAWOOD, Kan.—NewTek once again has organized an NDI Central Pavilion for the NAB Show. For this year’s show, April 6-11 (exhibition floor April 8-11), in Las Vegas, at least 16 NDI partner companies have committed to participate.

The pavilion will be in the South Lower Hall of the Las Vegas Convention Center (booth SL5616) and adjacent to the NewTek booth (SL5016). There, a slice of the tech community supporting NDI will be on hand demonstrating their products and discussing how they contribute to a vibrant NDI ecosystem.

Between now and the show, I will be previewing in this NDI Central blog space what pavilion exhibitors are planning. Today, the focus is on Bannister Lake, 3D Storm, Etere Pte. Ltd, Changsha KILOVIEW Electronics, Medialooks and NewBlue.

Bannister Lake

Bannister Lake will be demonstrating its Chameleon NDI data aggregation and management software solution.

Used to create and manage tickers, L-Bars and full frame graphics, Chameleon NDI reads, ingests and manages multiple, diverse data feeds, such as news, weather, sports and social media. It provides full editorial and moderation control over both incoming data and output data formats.

The browser-based solution provides a sophisticated and powerful link between real-time data and graphics for broadcast, streaming, digital signage, HTML5, online and mobile.

With powerful query functionality to pinpoint specific datasets and a robust RESTful API, users can easily output customized data in various popular formats to any device or endpoint. More information is available on the Bannister Lake website.

To set up an NAB appointment, contact Vernon Freedlander at 416-450-5628, or email him at vfreedlander@bannisterlake.com.

Etere Pte. Ltd.

Etere will be showing its Full IP Playout with ETX-M IP Multiviewer, a scalable, easy to manage and cost-effective IP playout solution that eliminates the need for SDI hardware. The only hardware required is standard IT servers.

The solution includes ETX-M IP Multiviewer software with loudness control capabilities at the front end. A single piece of software manages ingest, playback, graphics, archive and newsroom with no third-party integrations.

The company’s technology allows users to take advantage of virtual machines (VM) of any scope. More information about the solution is available online.

To make an NAB booth appointment with Etere, email info@etere.com.

3D Storm

3D Storm will show three products in the NDI Central Pavilion, including LiveCG Broadcast, Delta-Stadium and LiveMedia Server NDI-2 (LMS NDI).

LiveCG Broadcast is a compact multilayer character generator for automatic management of titles and graphics.

The 1U turnkey system offers a wide range of tools to create and insert graphics in live video productions. Designed for production applications ranging from election results and sports scores to television game shows, LiveCG Broadcast features an exclusive social media broadcasting engine.

Its Social Hub software provides for real-time social media management and moderation. The Social Hub collects posts, messages, images and videos in real time on a dedicated interface coming from Facebook, Twitter, Flickr, WhatsApp, Skype, Instagram, Line, RSS feeds and email accounts. More information is available online.

Delta-Stadium is a turnkey solution to generate and display 2D and 3D graphics for pre-game animations and presentations, clocks, animated scores, statistics management, actions and referee decisions. Delta-Stadium includes one sport interface (soccer, rugby, basketball or baseball) and a new generic interface, which allows users to create custom interfaces.

3D Storm and Deltacast have developed a dedicated interface, Delta-Stadium Perimeter, to display signage on stadium perimeter LED panels. The project has already proved its success at Groupama Stadium in Lyon, France. More information is available online.

LiveMedia Server NDI-2 is a versatile dual-channel software HD video player-recorder that uses the NewTek NDI protocol. It can be installed on any Windows PC connected to an Ethernet LAN and can play and/or record simultaneously two NDI channels.

With LMS-NDI-2, users can create and broadcast multi-codec clip playlists from a PC on a local network without any dedicated peripherals. The integrated playlist editor supports all major industry standard file formats and codecs in the same broadcast list. LMS-NDI-2 reads the playlist in real time without prior transcoding in an NDI stream available on the entire network without latency. The new version also supports one overlay. More information is available online.

To set up an NAB interview, call Alexandra Henry at +33557262262 or email at ahenry@3dstorm.com.

KILOVIEW will feature its N1 and N2 encoders at the NDI Central Pavilion. The N1 is a portable, wireless SDI-to-NDI video encoder, and the N2 is a portable wireless HDMI-to-NDI video encoder. Both are designed to help users reliably bring traditional video signals into live, IP-based production infrastructures using NewTek’s NDI technology.

Besides supporting the NDI protocol, both are compatible with other hardware and software devices on the network. The products offer simple, efficient transmission of video based on an IP network and are compatible with all NDI-enabled systems. Additional information about the N1 encoder and N2 encoder is available online.

KILOVIEW also can provide ODM/OEM services for customers from different industries, such as live entertainment, sport events, games, professional venue monitoring and online displays.

To set up an NAB appointment, email Judy Zuo at judy@kiloview.com.


NewBlue will spotlight its Titler Live 4 suite of professional graphics solutions, which include Live 4 Broadcast, Present, Sport, Social and Complete.

Titler Live 4 Broadcast is an on-air graphics solution that streamlines workflows for the creation of broadcast graphics. It enables users to leverage Adobe Photoshop and After Effects graphics or customize included designs; connect graphics to Excel spreadsheets, live social media, scoreboard data and other data sources; and control graphics with a powerful API to customize workflows. Up to 16 channels of 4K-NDI or 4K-SDI key and fill are supported. More information is available online.

Titler Live 4 Present streamlines on-air graphics workflow by driving them from spreadsheets. Connect graphics to Excel spreadsheets, CSV files, RSS feeds and other sources to prepare dynamic graphics, bugs, clocks and titles. More information is available online.

Titler Live 4 Sport offers scoreboard connectivity and included controllers to deliver dynamic scoreboard graphics. It streamlines workflows and elevates sports broadcasts. More information is available online.

Titler Live 4 Social enhances productions by adding live audience comments, tweets and Facebook polling. With Social, users can engage viewers of Facebook, Twitter and YouTube videos with 3D animated social graphics. It can combine social media feeds and manage shows on the fly. More information is available online.

Titler Live 4 Complete combines the capabilities of Titler Live 4 Present, Social and Sport and gives users two layers of on-air graphics. . More information is available online.

To set up an NAB appointment with NewBlue, email Jessa Chludzinski at jessa@newblueinc.com.


Medialooks will feature its Video Transport product that delivers NDI streams across long distance via the public Internet with ultra-low latency.

Offering a high level of video quality, adaptive bit rate support, point-to-point encryption and PTZ camera control, Video Transport is easy to set up and is often used as a "quick glue" to bridge the wide area gap in IP-based workflows.

Applications range from remote production and studio call-ins to team streaming of games and distributed debate shows about e-sports events.

New for the 2019 NAB Show is a feature making it easy to run and maintain multiple channels on a 24/7 basis. More information about Video Transport is available online here and here.

To set up an NAB appointment, email Andrey Okunev at okunev@medialooks.com.

This blog was sponsored by NewTek.

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