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Turkish Media Group Doğuş Launches New OTT Service With Harmonic Multiscreen Solution

Doğuş Media Group (DMG) has chosen a comprehensive multiscreen solution from Harmonic to power TVYO, its new OTT platform. Harmonic's ProMedia suite of multiscreen production and preparation applications, WFS file-based workflow engine, and MediaGrid shared storage systems provide TVYO with the systems to deliver high-quality streams of 12 on-air broadcast channels, including live, VOD, and catch-up TV content, to any consumer device.

Since its launch, and its mobile apps have become the leading all-in-one VOD service platform in Turkey, registering 5 million unique monthly visitors, more than 1 million downloaded mobile apps, and more than 150 million viewed videos.

Integrated with an existing Harmonic Spectrum media server, Harmonic's ProMedia Live real-time transcoders convert baseband SDI signals to multiple high-quality adaptive bitrate streams optimized for the TVYO platform. ProMedia Live significantly increases the efficiency of DMG's streaming video workflow by splitting encoding across multiple machines. The platform also handles a variety of metadata information — such as language, captions, and ad signaling/insertion — on input and output, further simplifying operations. ProMedia Live works flawlessly with Harmonic's ProMedia Package to enable sophisticated transcoding, encapsulation, and encryption processes from a unified platform.

DMG's VOD services are powered by Harmonic's ProMedia Carbon and ProMedia Xpress high-performance file-based transcoders. Integrated with a third-party content management system (CMS), the transcoders perform faster-than-real-time transcoding of high-quality SD and HD video, all from a file-based architecture that can easily be scaled to meet the operator's growing needs. Through comprehensive format and standards support, ProMedia Carbon and ProMedia Xpress allow DMG to realize the bandwidth and video quality advantages of next-generation standards such as HEVC and Ultra HD. The transcoding farms are controlled via the WFS file-based workflow engine, which provides automated processing of high-volume transcoding tasks, increasing DMG's operational efficiencies.

Harmonic's ProMedia Origin streaming video server and MediaGrid shared-storage system are tightly integrated to optimize the delivery of catch-up TV services for DMG's OTT and multiscreen service and enable independent scaling of storage capacity, bandwidth, and streaming capability. This powerful scalability is critical to helping DMG expand its OTT service offerings, control CDN costs, and generate additional revenue streams in the future.