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TeamCast offers solutions at Satellite 2013

TeamCast is featuring new solutions for the satellite transmission industry at Satellite 2013, which concludes today in Washington, D.C.

TeamCast has invested in the single-carrier transmission business with a portfolio of ideas regarding spectrum purity, spectrum efficiency and power efficiency.

Regarding spectrum purity,TeamCast's digital output signal filtering provides a high-level Error Vector Magnitude (EVM) and spurious performance. This standard filtering permits compliance with sharp rolloff values.

As related to spectrum efficiency, 32 APSK constellations now become possible for satellite transmissions allowing improved-capacity performances. Combining 32 APSK with lower rolloff values allows for carrying more payload at lower power.

When it comes to power efficiency, TeamCast has expertise in digital pre-correction of multi-carrier signals and has applied this technology to mono-carrier signals, allowing the correction of channel distortions.