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JVC rolls out ProHD camera, recorder

JVC’s new ProHD GY-HD100 is a compact three 1/3in CCD camcorder that records HDV format 24p footage on DV tape.

At NAB2005, JVC introduced ProHD, its solution for HD acquisition. The ProHD product line-up adopts the HDV format to make high quality HD image recording possible on DV tapes. ProHD products include professional features for both SD and HD capture.

ProHD includes features such as time code, 24p HD, and dual media direct recording to hard disk. For HD, JVC uses MPEG-2 compression, DV recording media and conventional hard disk drives.

ProHD delivers in native 16:9 or 4:3 modes, and its decks are capable of playing back DVCAM tapes. The launch includes the GY-HD100, a compact three 1/3in CCD camcorder, and the BR-HD50E ProHD recorder player.

JVC plans to introduce a new 2/3in CCD HD ENG camera later in the year.

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