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IBC2012 product preview

It is nearly time for IBC again, and 2012 sees more innovatoin outside the straight exhibit areas. The thought leadership, started in 2011, continues this year with the IBC Leaders’ Summit. The focus this year is the impact of hybrid broadcast and broadband — connected TV — on viewers’ consumption, and the opportunities and threats it presents to traditional broadcasters. The invitation-only event will facilitate high-level networking for senior executives.

Meanwhile, on the show floor, those engineers wanting to smooth the transition to file-based production can visit the Workflow Solutions Village in Hall 9. As the use of videotape diminishes, the Village will host a presentation examining file-based operations alongside demonstrations of tapeless production. Expect to hear more about regularization of specifications for the use of standards like MXF throughout the workflow.

This year’s keynote reflects the importance of the CE sector in delivering a compelling experience to the viewer. David Yun, Samsung’s EVP/Global Media, will explain some of the company’s thinking, including attitudes to content.

Not all the networking is for senior executives. The Rising Stars program caters to new entrants to the industry. It’s an opportunity to meet with peers or be inspired by some of the industry’s entrepreneurs at a program of presentations.

For those engineers with an eye on the next big thing, the Future Zone will introduce concepts for the next decade of broadcasting, including NHK with the latest from the Super Hi-Vision project.

However for most of us, it will be treading the show floor, maybe scheduling a meeting to wrap a deal or a sneak preview in a back room of something for 2013.

As with every year, Broadcast Engineering will be covering show news and product releases in our “IBC Update” newsletter; just follow the subscribe link on our website. We will also have our camera crew interviewing a cross-section of broadcasters, and visiting booths to see new products.

In the meantime, here’s a look at some of the products and technologies that will be on display at IBC2012.

SSD recorder
Blackmagic Design HyperDeck Studio Pro

Includes four channels of 3Gb/s SDI in and out, built-in high-speed Thunderbolt I/O technology, and full HDMI and analog in and out, including standard XLR connectors for audio and timecode; allows full 4K playback from a single SSD disk using Apple ProRes compression that is four times the resolution of regular HD 1080 resolution video; features a user-friendly VTR –style design with function buttons, a jog wheel for jog and shuttle, and external RS-422 control.
Stand: 7.H20

Multi-layer keying
Ensemble Designs Avenue Layering Engine

Multilayer keyer and mix effect with iPad control is designed for use in master control, flypack and truck applications; keys and background transitions can all be controlled from an iPad, providing a new flexibility in where and how shows and events are switched; key position and drop shadow can be repositioned on the fly with the iPad and then checked on the preview output before going to air; inputs can be driven by SDI signals from cameras, remote feeds, character generators, graphic and stillstore systems, and video servers; supports the full range of SDI signals from SD to HD and 3G formats.
Stand: 8.B91

Digital cinematography cameras
Canon Cinema EOS C500/C500 PL

Cinema EOS C500 digital cinematography camera is designed for use with EF-mount lenses, while the Cinema EOS C500 PL is designed for use with PL-mount lenses; capable of originating 4K (4096 × 2160-pixel) resolution digital motion imagery with uncompressed RAW output for external recording; not only do the cameras support 4K-resolution video, but also they output this as a 10-bit uncompressed RAW data stream with no de-Bayering; also output quad full-HD (3840 × 2160), 2K (2048 × 1080), full HD (1920 × 1080) and other imaging options; all 4K formats can be selected to operate from 1fps to 60fps.
Stand: 11.D55

DVB-T/T2 modulators
TeamCast MT2-2000/3000

Integrated, cost-effective OEM modulator is designed for any manufacturer that aims at designing PAL/DVB-T/T2 transmission systems; provides the required system to ensure lower cost field-upgradable analog-to-digital transition; authorizes operators to switch from one standard to another one with no hardware change or software upload; MT2-2210 supports PAL and DVB-T/T2 on same hardware for transition.
Stand: 2.B51

Multiscreen content delivery
Evertz 3480 Media eXchange Platform

Is a combination of the most advanced compression technology and key system level functionality from the company’s video, audio and VBI processing product lines; simplifies video delivery, offering multiple high-quality linear distribution encodes/transcodes plus multi-platform simultaneous resolution encodes; with the addition of the company’s advanced compression algorithms, the platform is ideal for broadcasters providing IP content to multi-platform systems.
Stand: 8.B40

Newsroom computer system

Runs natively on Mac OS X, Linux and Windows; installation-free client and centralized updates; features seamless load-balancing and automatic fail-over; includes editorial tools such as spell check, word blacklist, rundown buddy, rundown stopwatch and rundown time markers; includes plug-in for Final Cut Pro integration.
Stand: 2.B19

File-based creation and distribution of media
Wohler RadiantGrid New Media Automation Platform

Designed to enable a more efficient system for file-based creation, standards conversion, QC and distribution of media, while augmenting and integrating with trafficking, rights management, linear automation and business process management systems; powered by RadiantGrid’s TrueGrid media transformation and parallel processing engine with an underlying content management fabric.
Stand: 10.A10

Multichannel playout
Playbox Technology Multichannel Airbox

Provides multiple video playout channels on one server; offers a wide choice of features, including Live-in, audio re-mapping, Dolby Digital support and loudness normalization as a part of QCBox; newly supported video file formats include AVC Intra and Apple Pro res.
Stand: 8.C30

Signal processing and distribution
Riedel Communications Mediornet Compact

Provides a network bandwidth of 50Gb/s — enough capacity for bidirectional transport of 12 HD-SDI signals, dozens of MADI streams or GigE signals, and hundreds of audio channels or intercom ports; provides connectivity for four analog audio I/Os with mic preamps and a dynamic range of 117dB; also features an interface for Riedel RockNet digital audio networks, two DisplayPort outputs, three GigE ports, and connections for serial data and GPIs.
Stand: 10.A31

AJA Video Systems T-TAP

Bus-powered device takes advantage of Thunderbolt connectivity for high-quality 10-bit SD, HD and 2K output through SDI and HDMI connections; enables a simple, unobtrusive means of getting professional video and audio out of any Thunderbolt-enabled Mac system; is lightweight and smaller than a standard mobile phone.
Stand: 7.F11

Cloud production environment
Avid Interplay Sphere

Real-time system enables broadcast news crews to acquire, access, edit and finish stories from any location; leverages a cloud-based architecture supporting a distributed environment that spans multiple locations and time zones; automatically manages the transcode, upload and check-in to any connected Avid Interplay system.
Stand: 7.J20

Zoom lens
Thales Angenieux Optimo 19.5-94

PL-mount 19.5mm to 94mm T2.6 zoom lens has been designed for image coverage of up to 31.4mm diagonal for S35 film and large-format digital cameras; focus ring has a 329-degree focus rotation with more than 50 precise focus witness marks and minimal breathing; weighs 5.6kg.
Stand: 11.F31

Transcoding software
Digital Rapids Transcode Manager 2.0

Automated, high-volume, file-based media processing software; designed to combine superior output quality and format flexibility with intelligent, logic-driven workflow automation with rich metadata support; features dynamic, on-demand licensing and deployment; includes intuitive, visual workflow design tools.
Stand: 7.F33, 14.351

Mobile uplink
LiveU LU70

Boosted by remotely-located antennas, LU70 backpack supports up to 14 cellular links simultaneously, offering extra-strong resiliency in built-up, crowded areas and on-the-move; includes features such as One-Touch-Live mode with automatic adjustment of video resolutions for fast and easy live transmission at the touch of a button and point-to-multipoint distribution, whereby a single device can broadcast live to multiple, varied destinations concurrently.
Stand: 14.365

External multidisplay adapters
Matrox DualHead2Go Digital Mac Edition

Lets users add two DVI monitors to a Mac notebook, doubling desktop space to spread out projects, better organize a Final Cut Pro timeline and multitask effectively; simple to set up; connects to the Mini DisplayPort or Thunderbolt video output of the notebook, working with the system’s existing GPU to deliver a solid platform for any content creation and multimedia application.
Stand: 7.B29

Phabrix Rx500

Designed for environments such as central control booths, studio engineering panels and OB facilities; housed in a half-rack mount; accepts up to two input modules and offers four simultaneous channels; rack depth of 13cm; HDMI or SDI output.
Stand: 8.E29

Online content creation
Chyron Axis World Graphics

Newly enhanced mapping system provides a more interactive experience for producers, as well as faster renders and many new features; order management tools offer new point allocation systems that enable more efficient management of graphics teams; custom order forms offer flexibility for handling many different asset types; additional new features include integrations with Apple Final Cut Pro and Adobe Premiere Pro video editing.
Stand: 7.D11

Avitech International Rainier 3G

Allows users to monitor up to eight HD 3G/1.5G/SD-SDI/CVBS sources through a single unit; features a built-in 8 x 8 crosspoint to efficiently manage multiple inputs over two outputs; six Rainier 3G models can be cascaded together to display up to 48 HD/SD-SDI inputs.
Stand: 10.F26

Audio monitor
Genelec 8260A

Three-way DSP system combines a coaxial driver (MDC) with waveguide technology (DCW), ensuring drivers to couple coherently over their full operating bandwidth, as well as creating coincident mid-frequency/high-frequency point source; features analog and digital input format, including handling AES/EBU (single/dual wire); handles input sampling rates from 32kHz to 192kHz.
Stand: 8.D61

Camera back transmitters
Broadcast Microwave Services

Small clip-on HD transmitters; feature low power consumption, low HD signal delay and 5.8GHz license-free operation; upgradable to H.264; optional camera control link permits full use of camera manufacturers’ camera control unit; support PAL and NTSC, as well as specialized film rates.
Stand: 1.A10

Screen Service Broadcasting Technologies XB-T2 Gateway

DVB-T2-Mi encapsulator for DVB-T2 networks; SFN synchronizer over ASI and IP; enables network to reach SFN performance and a higher level of robustness; generates a “T2-MI” stream, a sequence of T2-Mi packets, which is fed to one or more DVB-T2 modulators in a SFN/ MFN network.
Stand: 8.C41

Tracking pan and tilt head
Shotoku Broadcast Systems SX300VR

Designed as the perfect companion for the TP200VR pedestal; features the company’s reliable and accurate VR tracking technology; designed to offer a continuously adjustable perfect-counterbalance system; VISCAM ultimate fluid drag system ensures smooth, adjustable pan-and-tilt drag with enhanced torque.
Stand: 11.F40

Video server
Ross Video BlackStorm

Production-oriented playout server is designed to playback clips and graphics in a live environment; has a unique production playlist, with clip transitions and end of clips actions; file-based workflows are made easy with native Quicktime file wrapper (.mov) and DV series codec support; Final Cut Pro, the Adobe CS6 and Avid Media Composer are able to directly produce content playable in the system; is software-based; uses standard off-the-shelf hardware.
Stand: 9.C10

Network monitoring and control system
Harris Magellan Network Management System

Offers one consolidated user interface for the monitoring and control of multiple channels or facilities, as well as the flexibility to interface with Harris equipment and any third-party device; open architecture simplifies systems integration and customization; provides monitoring and control for all broadcast operations such as video headends, production workflows and master control centers.
Stand: 7.G20

Thomson Broadcast Futhura GreenPower

Transmitters are now equipped with an increased operating range from 1.6kW to 11.6kW – UHF wideband; cooling system has been redesigned to provide further energy savings and ability to adapt to any environmental conditions, offering a 50-percent improvement in efficiency over current standard transmitters on the market; feature new exciter platform with support for all major standards and DVB-T/DVB-T2 dualcast capability.
Stand: 14.B20

Subtitle and caption preparation
Screen Subtitling Systems WinCAPS Qu4ntum

A new user interface enables caption and subtitle timing to be assessed easily against the media timeline; features text-to-speech alignment in multiple languages, extraction of dialogue payload from scripts, and integration with speech recognition so that dialogue can be respoken directly into the file to save time typing.
Stand: 1.C49

Snell Sirius 830

15RU router features high-performance modules for flexible routing of SD, HD, ASI and 3Gb/s signals; new embedded audio and AES/MADI processing modules with advanced hybrid processing (AHP) facilitate embedded audio routing, audio track swapping, and processing on all inputs and outputs.
Stand: 8.B68

Video ingest
NOA ingestLINE FrameLector

Video ingest module for typical SD material such as betacam SP; ingest tool provides scene detection, lossless compression on open source standards, remote control and an infinitely scalable, multi-stream parallel solution, with complete previewing.
Stand: 8.D91

IP multiviewer
Miranda Kaleido IP X100

Is specifically engineered as a cost-effective solution for smaller applications; 1RU multiviewer can handle monitoring of up to 24 SD or eight HD video programs; for subscriber delivery applications, the multiviewer, when combined with the iControl headend monitoring system, provides remote signal visualization and probing capabilities that reduce mean time to repair.
Stand 8.D41

Videssence ExceLED 225

225W unit has adjustable beam spread; provides long throw and high light levels required for film and video in large production studios and similar applications; “Nine Light” in spot mode with daylight LEDs provides more than 2200 lux at 15m; has a 30,000-hour life achieved through precision heat sink design; all units are provided with power cord and choice of c-clamp or stand adapter; may be ordered in dim and non-dim configurations.
Stand: 11.B10

Inter-sample true-peak limiter

Based on the standardized true-peak algorithms of ITU-R B.S. 1770 and related standards; suitable for the control of audio for post production and broadcast applications; true-peak limiting can also be used to ensure that downstream codecs (mp3, AAC) do not introduce distortion into the signal; although ISL has been designed for limiting relatively dynamic high-quality audio, it can also be used to hard limit and reduce dynamic range considerably if this is required.
Stand: 8.D29

Content delivery platform
EVS C-Cast

Allows viewers to use their smartphones, tablets or laptops to access extra content and view clips the way they want; latest features include the ability to replay clips at variable speeds and the ability to import third-party statistics and analysis information integrated into a timeline; offers advanced integration with third-party Web systems.
Stand: 8.B90

Miniature connector
Fischer Connectors MiniMax

Allows broadcasters to miniaturize their ruggedized devices; features 24 mixed pins (20 signal and four power); connectors are 75-percent lighter in weight for improved portability of the user’s handheld and body-worn devices; features all-in-one signal and power and an ergonomic design.
Stand: 11.E31

Ready-to-edit recording
AJA Video Systems Ki Pro Rack

Provides ready-to-edit recording in a 1RU format; records 10-bit Apple ProRes and Avid DNxHD files direct to removable hard disk or SSD storage modules; files can be used in most editing systems without the need for additional transcoding or importing processes; enables users to perform up/down/crossconversion during recording or playback without the need for additional conversion hardware.
Stand: 7.F11

Digital cinema camera
Blackmagic Design Cinema Camera

Features super wide 13 stops of dynamic range, a large high-resolution 2.5K sensor, open file format support, a built-in LCD with metadata entry, standard jack audio connections, built-in high-speed Thunderbolt connection, 3Gb/s SDI output, and a refrigerated sensor for low noise; a built-in high-bandwidth SSD recorder has the bandwidth to capture open standard CinemaDNG RAW, ProRes and DNxHD files.
Stand: 7.H20

Clear-Com Optocore/BroaMan DiViNe V3R-FX-ICOM-SDI

Ideal for any setup that requires multiple feeds of high-quality audio, video, data and intercom; provides scalable, protocol-independent routing, repeating, transport and distribution of multiple signals over optical fiber; is equipped with four four-wire RJ45 matrix ports and four four-wire RJ45 panel ports; capable of housing up to six SD/HD/3G-SDI coaxial video inputs, or outputs that are converted to and from single-mode DiViNe optical fiber links.
Stand: 10.D29a

Fiber-optic transmitter
LYNX Technik yellowbrik OTX 1910

Seamlessly sends analog RF L-Band signals over a single-mode fiber cable; offers switchable 13V or 18V LNB power selector, which toggles between horizontal and vertical polarization; includes internal 22KHz on/off low-noise block tone generator for selecting high- or low-frequency ranges; supports L-Band ranges from 700MHz to 2300MHz; can be used as standalone or housed in 1RU yellobrik rack frame for larger system applications.
Stand: 8.C76

Constant impedance combiner
Jampro RCCC

Combiner family has a compact modular design that can be configured to fit into the smallest transmitter rooms; additional frequencies can be easily added when the time comes; uses temperature-compensated bandpass filters, which have an integrated heat sink top; this keeps the filters cool and locked on their frequencies; various models are available for different channel spacing.
Stand: 8.B96

Logging system
Cobalt Digital SpotCheck

Facilitates loudness measurement and logging, including CALM and EBU-R128 compliance; monitors an IP, ASI or a transmitted OTA MPEG stream at the emission encode point; provides convenient, long-term access to loudness records for all programming initiated from a broadcasting facility; allows segments to be searched via an intuitive display of loudness plots, along with date/time-stamped thumbnails of the actual corresponding programming.
Stand: 10.B27

Content storage management system
Front Porch Digital DIVArchive V7.0

New features and capabilities make the system ideal for a broader array of applications; with its support for complex DPX packages, the system enables video-like operations on film-carried content; implements the new open Archive eXchange Format technology developed by Front Porch Digital to protect, preserve and facilitate the exchange of content among storage systems; interconnects every element of operations, from archive to production to transmission.
Stand: 7.C16

P2 HD camcorder
Panasonic AG-HPX600

Provides 10-bit, 4:2:2 AVC-Intra recording with a newly-developed 2/3-type MOS sensor; uses a new series of memory cards called microP2 card, which have an SD card form factor; both camcorder and cards will support Panasonic’s newest video compression platform, AVC-ULTRA; options include wireless metadata input, proxy recording and variable frame rates; ideal for news, sports or live events.
Stand: 9.D35

Zoom lens
Thales Angenieux Optimo 28-340

PL-mount 28mm to 340mm T3.2 zoom lens has been designed for image coverage of up to 31.4mm diagonal for S35 film and large-format digital cameras; focus ring has a 327-degree focus rotation with more than 70 precise focus witness marks and minimal breathing; weighs 11.1kg.
Stand: 11.F31

AmberFin iCR Works

Platform incorporates the features and capabilities of the iCR-1101, iCR-2102 and iCR-3102, plus has additional annotation abilities; provides multiformat frame-accurate recording with up to 16 channels of audio, playback and proxy creation, QC, reviewing at native resolution, and transcoding to virtually every major format.
Stand: 7.J39

Fiber transport system
MultiDyne SilverBACK-II with JUICE

Can transmit any camera signal — including HD-SDI video, audio, control data, GPIOs, tally and power — over a single hybrid fiber and copper cable without relying on local power or batteries; eliminates operator fatigue in the field by providing a lightweight, remote powering system that can be seamlessly integrated onto any camera.
Stand: 9.A06

HD micro Camera
Vislink Gigawave HD micro camera

Measures only 80mm x 24mm x 24mm (without lens) and weighs only 80g; powered by a 10VDC to 18VDC supply; HD-SDI video input arriving via SMB connector; designed to deliver full broadcast-quality images in the most demanding environments; includes remote- control functionality; can be directly connected with existing Gigawave on-board camera systems.
Stand: 1.A61

Tape ingest system
Blue Lucy Media Flexicart Service

Provides for full Sony Flexicart control to facilitate bulk and unattended ingest; ingests up to 70 tapes with a single VTR, or 40 tapes with four VTRs, by maintaining full operational control of an attached Flexicart, including tape movements and inventory management.
Stand: 7.J40

Harmonic ProStream 1000 with ACE

Capable of transcoding up to 20 HD streams and 80 adaptive streaming profiles in a single, power-efficient 1RU appliance; supports any-to-any and any-to-many video/audio transcoding with automatic audio level adjustment; statistical multiplexing and scrambling and descrambling; simultaneously transcodes video content for both broadcast and OTT mobile and Web applications.
Stand: 1.B20

CDN management software
Broadpeak BkM100 Mediator

Enables network service providers to deliver video content to any screen, offering viewers a superior quality of experience over any network; includes an advanced caching mechanism that optimizes storage at edge levels; using the new content priority management tool, users can prioritize pay and free content to distribute CDN video services more efficiently.
Stand: 4.B72

FlashNet user interface

Allows broadcasters and content owners to easily archive and restore material for smaller projects that fall outside the sphere of controlling MAM or automation systems; allows users to bundle material as required, before archiving to any configured FlashNet disk or tape group; using FlashBrowse, content can be sent to the archive directly from an Avid editor and restored via this simple Web interface; can be used on Windows, PC, Mac, and Linux platforms.
Stand: 7.J15A

Connector/cable system
Fischer Connectors 1051 Triax HD Pro+

Worked with Draka to develop a new integrated Triax HD connector/cable system featuring 30 percent longer transmission distance; HD/SD signal-compliant system features significantly lower cost of ownership than SMPTE 304 system; also features fast and easy cable assembly.
Stand: 11.E31

3-D character generator
ORAD Morpho

Offers full creation and playout capabilities from a single user interface; 3-D real-time graphics rendering, smart graphic design tools and flexible playout capabilities are all packed together for an efficient workflow; new features include a dual-channel (PGM/PGM) option, 3-D transitions, custom effects creation and support for object grouping inside pages.
Stand: 7.B27

Quad-split multiviewer
Apantac CRESCENT MicroQ

Has full-screen capability; can be mounted easily onto the rear of a high-resolution display; accepts and auto-detects composite, SD, HD and 3G-SDI signals; supports DVI/HDMI and SDI outputs; displays embedded audio meters; supports the TSL protocol over IP; power consumption is low (12W) and is completely silent (fan-less).
Stand: 7.K21

Live graphics system
Harris TitleOne AE

Shares many of Inscriber G8’s sophisticated graphics creation features and real-time single-channel HD/SD or SD-only 2D-in-3D graphics; improves on the previous generation of TitleOne Inscriber graphics systems by adding an enhanced CPU and an NVIDIA Quadro 600 professional GPU for maximum flexibility
and performance.
Stand: 7.G20

Loudness meter
DK-Technologies DK3

Can de-embed 16 channels of audio from an SDI input; compliant with all known loudness recommendations; has pre-sets built in to allow for EBU R128, BCAP, ATSC 1/85, ARIB, ABC AGCOM 219 and ITU 1770-2; new software features include moving coil emulation of PPM and VU mechanical meters with user-selectable scales and a goniometer display.
Stand: 8.E60

Real-time chroma keyer
Crystal Vision Sapphire 3

Works with 3Gb/s, HD and SD sources; new processing feature adds more realism to the key, with shaping and softening of edges, key noise reduction, color-spill processing and 2D compensation for uneven illumination of backdrops with separate corrections for linear and radial lighting problems.
Stand: 2.B11

Test chart
DSC Labs Pilot 3-D chart

Features runway-like extension and corner LED lights; offers neutral grayscales, accurate color bar patches and zone plates, camera synchronization, multiple scales, geometric webs, and 18 percent gray patches, ensuring critical precision.
Stand: 5.B46c

Playout manager
Playbox Technology Multi-playout Manager

Fully assignable monitoring and control system with rights management for multiple AirBox playout channels from one or more Internet-connected PCs locally or from anywhere in the world via IP; allows multichannel playout centers to monitor and control all channels locally and assign full or restricted rights for any of the TV channels to one or more people to remotely monitor and/or control the TV channels from a remote PC, iPad, mobile phone, etc.
Stand: 8.C30

Media production and management system
Cinegy Workflow

Based on standard PC hardware and IT infrastructure; modular, open platform consists of a suite of tools, applications and open APIs that avoid proprietary systems; integrates fully with traditional production and post-production processes, including nonlinear editing systems.
Stand: 7.A30, 7.A41

Multiformat nonlinear editing software
Grass Valley EDIUS Pro 6.5

Offers a comprehensive 3-D workflow, complete with 3-D stereoscopic editing tools and 3-D support across its editing peripherals; EDIUS software and hardware supports all of the most common stereoscopic modes, including the side-by-side, top and bottom, and line-by-line display methods; incorporates 10-bit color correction, a Flash exporter, native image stabilization, a built-in loudness meter and closed-caption pass-through support.
Stand: 1.D11

Signal distribution
Utah Scientific UTAH-100/UDS Universal Distribution System

Combines the flexibility of a multirate digital routing switcher with the economy of simple distribution amplifiers; modular system is based on I/O modules with 16 ports, interconnected by a crosspoint fabric that allows any input signal to feed any number of output ports.
Stand: 2.B20

3Gb/s HD/SDI video transceiver and distribution amplifier
Telecast Fiber Systems Terrapin TR-D6

Compact throwdown device features both a fiber-optic (ST) input and a copper (BNC) output, as well as a fiber-optic output (ST) and six copper (BNC) outputs; a single push-button operation allows users to easily switch between four modes, permitting the unit to act as an HD/SDI distribution amplifier with six BNC outputs and a fiber-optic output, a fiber-optic transceiver with six BNC outputs of the received signal or the local copper signal, or as an optical repeater with a six-output BNC tap.
Stand: 10.B39

DVB-T2 broadcasting
Thomson Video Networks NetProcessor 9030/40

In addition to its capabilities for multiplexing, remultiplexing, scrambling, SFN adaptation and video processing, the unit includes a DVB-T2 MI reverse gateway; new DVB-T2 features enable the ingest of a DVB-T2 MI stream from an ASI or IP input and the de-encapsulation of up to 15 physical layer pipes per stream; the resulting multiplexes are then available within the NetProcessor for reprocessing operations, which may include regionalization, scrambling and remultiplexing.
Stand: 14.A10

Stage boxes
Argosy MIL26, MIL41

For eight- and 12-channel audio cables; can be wired as a single input in parallel or as a straight-feed-through version; made using Neutrik XLRs; designed to withstand harsh OB environments where they are used for the breaking out from multichannel audio cables on to single mic cables.
Stand: 10.C51

Digital audio processor
Jünger Audio D*AP LM4

Four-channel digital audio processor features on-board AES/EBU digital I/O, along with optional 3G/HD/SD-SDI I/O or analog I/O; incorporates version 2 of the company’s LEVEL MAGIC adaptive loudness algorithm, which is compliant with all current broadcast audio loudness recommendations, including ITU 1770 (versions 1 and 2), ATSC A/85, ARIB TR-B32 and EBU R128.
Stand 10.D20

MPEG transport stream logging and monitoring
Volicon Observer 7.0

Allows users to log MPEG transport streams continuously, as well as monitor A/V content, including BS.1770-2 loudness and other correlations of data and video; enhanced version accommodates an even broader array of inputs, including ASI, QAM, 8-VSB and DVB-T MPEG TS interfaces; provides improved system density for HD and SD programs.
Stand: 7.G23

Snell ICE Channel-in-a-Box v3.0

Now includes powerful integrated 3D and 2D graphics and CG functionality with timeline control and the ability to populate fields from Morpheus automation schedule events, as well as external data sources; complementing ICE’s HD and SD simulcast capabilities is the addition of a delay server that provides the ability to record the output of a channel for delayed playout services; offers variable-speed playout and audio processing.
Stand: 8.B68

Broadcast suite
ToolsOnAir just:news

Enables TV and news stations to easily integrate ENPS and OCTOPUS newsroom systems and run stories with professional video and real-time graphic templates for news, weather, stock, sports and other broadcast events; runs on Apple Macintosh computer systems.
Stand: 7.G39

Video server
Autocue video server range

New versions add solid-state storage; designed for OB trucks and mobile applications where space is at a premium; the two- and four-port solid-state drive servers run on single PSUs and include 800GB and 2TB of unprotected storage, respectively.
Stand: 11.F34

HbbTV test suite
Digital TV Labs Ligada iSuite

Expanded test suite includes not only an HbbTV v1.5 test suite, but also OIPF and multiple DRM test cases; upports DASH adaptive streaming and new HbbTV profiles, such as the French TNT2.0 platform; automates 95 percent of the HbbTV test cases via its integrated JavaScript API support, IR blaster control, power cycle control and video screen capture interface.
Stand: 2.C30

Automation software
Mosart Medialab Newscast Automation 3.0

Includes a redesigned GUI; story elements can easily be assigned to buttons, making the GUI a shot box for touchscreens; story scripts from newsroom computer are shown directly in the Mosart GUI; now also includes interfaces with Harris Nexio and Grass Valley K2 video servers, Calrec and Stagetec audio mixers, Casper, Xpression and Pixelpower graphics, and Annova’s OpenMedia in addition to ENPS, iNEWS, Dalet News and NorCom.
Stand: 5.C26

Scalable playout and distribution

Scalable playout and origination systems allow broadcasters to adapt content to local markets anywhere in the world and simplify the overall content distribution process; MAM software and services help broadcasters and content creators manage and optimize workflows; new delivery platforms include OTT offerings, a commercial business-to-consumer product and MyGlobeTV.
Stand: 1.A29

Subscription-based enterprise file sharing
Signiant Media Shuttle

Designed to provide a powerful yet simple way to move large media files anywhere; gives any size workgroup or enterprise the convenience and ease of use of public cloud-based file-sharing services, but without file size limits or security risks associated with storing high-value assets in the cloud; Media Shuttle’s patent-pending technology can be configured in minutes; provides an easy-to-use, branded interface in the cloud while content stays within the secure control of the enterprise network; available in two subscription-based packages.
Stand: 14.621

Production server integration
Primestream/Adobe Premiere Pro Integration

Using a newly developed panel, achieves an enhanced level of integration of Primestream’s FORK with both Adobe Premiere Pro and the new Adobe Creative Suite 6 Production Premium on Windows and Mac OS X; allows Premiere Pro users to search and browse the media asset database with speed; users can select clips, bins or timelines created in the FORK Editor, and simply drag those items into a Premiere Pro project; when an edited sequence is complete, users can send the project — ready for air — to FORK or into a newsroom system placeholder.
Stand: 7.D21

Digital audio console
Studer Vista 9

Features the company’s Vistonics TF touchscreen interface that shows 10 channel strips, with rotary encoders and switches mounted directly onto the screen; during a live production, a FaderGlow feature lights up select faders on the console, in one of eight assignable colors, to give operators a quick and easy way to find desired channel groups; channel meters are able to show mono, right through to 7.1-channel signals, in the upper section of the screen, while the lower portion can show bus assignment or, for surround channels, an image of the surround composite.
Stand: 8.D60

Matrix switch
Guntermann & Drunck DVICenter DP64

Features 64 dynamic ports; ready to be tailored to individual needs; can be combined and cascaded, allowing it to fit and expand in the future to any sized installation through an infinite number of versatile modules; uses integrated Dynamic Port technology to provide complete flexibility in connecting either a computer or a user console to each port; this allows multiple computers and platforms to be controlled by teams of users simultaneously.
Stand: 4.B60

Workflow integration
TMD Unified Media Services (UMS)

Architecture and API enables external media services and devices — whether using a proprietary interface or an open, FIMS-style adapter — to be integrated on a single workflow bus; eliminates the need for visibility of any individual proprietary API, allowing the system designer to create workflows based entirely on services; the result is a simple way to build complex workflows through production and post production, driven by the content itself and the metadata associated with it.
Stand: 2.C58

TS loudness processor
Cobalt Digital LMNTS

Uses Linear Acoustic Aeromax technology to perform automatic loudness processing across many transport streams; operates at the MPEG IP transport layer to provide a practical loudness management solution without the need or complexity of external codecs transferring between baseband and MPEG external interfaces.
Stand: 10.B27

Automated test system
S3 Group StormTest Decision Line

For screening digital TV receiver devices; built on S3 Group’s StormTest core platform offering services such as OCR, image capture and image comparison, motion and audio detection; newest version includes features such as support for DOCSIS reporting and for retrieving predefined diagnostic information via DOCSIS from the cable headend and/or the device under test.
Stand: 3.B23

FM notch filter
Alan Dick Broadcast ADB-CNQ

Designed for suppression of intermodal products and rejection of a single frequency; also features natural temperature stabilization, and low insertion loss and VSWR packaged in a compact, high “Q” aluminum cavity; features a small footprint.
Stand: 8.B99

Headend system
Espial Media Service Platform

Allows operators to create, introduce, manage and monetize multiscreen user experience; can be customized to support TV Everywhere services by market segments based on regional, language and other requirements; allows for tailored channel lineups, pricing models, movies and services.
Stand: 5.A18

File-transfer software
Aspera Mobile App Suite

Aspera mobile software and systems provide transfers over 4G, 3G and 802.11 for time-critical content; uses the faspex app for the Apple iPhone and iPad, which extends faspex’s e-mail-style person-to-person file exchange and collaboration features to iOS devices; enables content browsing, download and upload; completely integrated with the Android platform.
Stand 7.G11

Sencore TXS 3600

TXS line of MPEG-2/4 transcoders delivers a flexible, high-density, high-quality package providing multiple channels of transcoding or transrating in a 1RU chassis; TXS 3600 transcodes video services from an MPEG transport stream to or from MPEG-2 or H.264 and can convert from HD to SD format; supports audio format conversion between common formats, including Dolby Digital and Digital Plus, MPEG-2, HE-AAC, AAC-LC and linear PCM.
Stand: 1.F56

Intercom interfaces
Riedel Communications AVB series

Series includes the AVB-108 G2 Client, the Connect AVB and Connect AVBx8 panel interfaces; allow professional intercom users to connect intercom panels in IP-based LAN environments in real time; offers intercom applications over LAN infrastructures such as matrix-to-control panel connections, audio distribution, matrix-to-matrix trunking connections or distribution of digital partylines.
Stand: 10.A31

Reference OLED monitor
Sony BVM F250

Designed to deliver outstanding black performance and quick response with virtually no motion blur; has wide color gamut; all-new 12-bit output digital DSP engine provides nonlinear cubic conversion color management for precise color reproduction and picture uniformity; HDMI inputs support up to 1920 × 1080; four option decoder slots for analog, composite, Y/C, components, RGB and digital 3G/HD/SD-SDI.
Stand: 12.A10

Studio automation
Aveco ASTRA Studio 2

Enables a single operator to produce complex live newscasts and news programs; controls all of the existing studio equipment, while the operator sets the pace of the newscast; features a new GUI for better control and use; also features new journalist tools to simplify story development.
Stand: 3.B67

Virtual set
Brainstorm Multimedia EasySet 3D

Provides a comprehensive 3-D real-time environment with stereoscopic capabilities; features an integrated chromakeyer, up to four SD/HD inputs and live switcher mode with up to 12 live simultaneous productions for easy transition between 3-D cameras from a single PC.
Stand: 2.B59

Signal extenders
Avitech International Seneca-X HUT/R and VUT/R

Extends HDMI video, USB or KVM switch signals up to 1.9km using fiber-optic cable; multimode optical fiber ensures uninterrupted high-speed, high-quality transmission; VUT/R model is a VGA-over-UTP extender that transmits VGA video, USB or KVM switch signals up to 399m away.
Stand: 10.F26

Content management system
NETIA Content Management System (CMS)

Allows users to manage all processes within the global production environment — from editing through post and distribution — through simple, easy-to-manage workflows and task automation, accessed through one unique and easy-to-use interface; enables users to connect all of their partners and vendors within a single production ecosystem; latest version includes enriched features within its metadata management module and a new, enhanced GUI .
Stand: 1.A29

Audio codec
Fraunhofer IIS HE-AAC audio codec

Combines high audio quality with low bit rates, making it an efficient audio codec for TV broadcasting; HE-AAC can be used in everyday TV broadcasting through a complete broadcasting chain setup using HE-AAC for audio signal transmission.
Stand: 8.B80

Jib/crane system
Egripment ProTraveller

Designed for prosumer-type cameras (DSLR, HDV); has smooth, high-quality crane movement in combination with highly technical remote head; can be mounted on an y 100mm bowl-type connection; entire system is lightweight, which makes it an ideal traveling companion.
Stand: 11.A21

Signal detector
Trilogy Watchdog

Available in either 1RU or 2RU frame formats; can detect and/or switch up to 24 discreet pairs of reference signals from a set of main and reserve SPGs; frames may be fitted with single or dual power supplies; for further resilience, rear connector units have by-pass relays to ensure that an output is always retained in the event of board removal or total loss of power.
Stand: 10.A29

Software update
Pilat Media IBMS:OnDemand

New automated metadata and media preparation workflow accelerates process of acquiring and preparing content and building subsequent offers; enables IBMS to automatically import metadata for large volumes of content, check and retrieve missing metadata from information suppliers, drive transcoders to prepare media for distribution, and create and place offers in the service navigation menu based on metadata values such as genre, resolution and cast.
Stand: 2.B30

Wireless camera system
Cobham Solo H.264

Designed to ensure stable transmission of HD pictures and sound across a broad range of applications; custom UMVL modulation system is designed specifically for broadcast applications, combining high quality with an extremely low latency of 15ms; transmitter available in two configurations: as a camera back and as a standalone unit for convenient mounting on vehicles; receiver has eight RF inputs, allowing the custom construction of multiple receiver wide-area arrays.
Stand: 1.F41

Interactive media Interactivity Suite

Flagship product is a toolkit for creating the technical backbone of interactive broadcasts and digital marketing campaigns; enables viewers to influence a broadcast in real time and interact with one another; broadcasters can aggregate user-generated content from social media such as Twitter and Facebook into programming.
Stand: 7.A06

Control/monitoring interface
Rascular Helm

Provides a single, integrated, user-defined PC-based control/monitoring surface for operators; integrates with Ross Video’s openGear platform standard, which is designed from the ground up as an open protocol; has the potential to control any and all technology that adheres to the openGear standard; also integrates with Snell’s RollCall protocol.
Stand: 8.B38A

Video and audio monitor
DK-Technologies PTO760M

One-, two- or four-channel HD/SD waveform monitor with up to four simultaneous waveform displays on a single screen; designed for camera control units; ideal for use in OB, studio and MCR settings; has user-definable Gamut error settings; features A/B overlay and 10 user soft keys; has both Ethernet and USB ports for data transfer; has three separate display outputs and two or four auto sensing inputs.
Stand: 8.E60

Two-port 10GbE Thunderbolt adapter
Sonnet Technologies Echo Express SE 10GbE

The Echo Express SE 10GbE bundles Sonnet’s just-released Echo Express SE Thunderbolt expansion chassis for PCI Express (PCIe) cards and Presto’s 10GbE two-port 10GbE PCIe card together to provide a near-plug-and-play solution for adding 10GbE connectivity to any computer with a Thunderbolt port; this compact device enables users to connect directly to high-speed infrastructure and storage without stepping down in speed.
Stand: 7.602

Storage performance over Ethernet
Harmonic Omneon MediaGrid System Software Version 3.1

Designed to support the performance needs of high-end post-production workflows; equipped with this software, MediaGrid storage systems can support ingestion, editing, color correction, grading and manipulation of uncompressed media; this advance is designed to extend the success of previous MediaGrid versions in post-production workflows for use with high-bit-rate compressed formats such as ProRes 444 and
Avid DNxHD.
Stand: 1.B20

Volume control
Genelec 9000A Stereo Volume Control

Volume control for all Genelec loudspeakers has input and output with 3.5mm stereo male and female connectors, providing connectivity with most computers and laptops, MP3 players and game stations; converter cable converting 2 x RCA to 3.5mm stereo (female) is needed for audio equipment with RCA outputs; connecting cable is Y-shaped; after 1m from the control knob, the single cable splits into two 1m cables — one for audio input and one for audio output.
Stand: 8.D61

BPM Web client
Tedial Ficus

Enables the implementation, monitoring and execution of production workflows in a full Web-based environment; delivers features such as proxy editing, followed by the automatic creation of a high-resolution version; facilitates tasks such as segmentation of media, as well as compliance editing.
Stand: 8.B41

Audio loudness software
Emotion Systems eFF Audio

Automatically analyzes and fixes loudness violations in file-based media; now also features MXF functionality and multiple language UI support; delivers extremely accurate measurements against predetermined parameters; generates a detailed file-
error report.
Stand: 6.C28b

Front-end creation
Vimond Silverlight Framework

Front-end creation tool built on the APIs of the Vimond Media Platform; allows users to create advanced video players that enable side-by-side (or overlay) video and community interaction such as chat windows, video highlights of parallel sporting events or games, on-demand game playback with editor-managed event timelines and multi-video player experience.
Stand: 14.B10

Prompter display and on-air talent monitor
Autoscript EPIC

Enhanced Prompting Information Center is an all-in-one prompter display and on-air talent monitor; on-air talent screen is built into the prompter display and simply flips down to offer the perfect viewing angle; is designed to simplify studio equipment, enable easier location prompting and reduce power consumption, while retaining the features and functions of the company’s LED prompter series; system’s reduced weight reduces counter-balance weight needs.
Stands: 11.E55

Desktop remote system
TSL Touchmix Pilot

Consists of a new Desktop Remote panel with rack-mount host unit; provides one-touch access to any analog or digital audio source material in mono, stereo or surround; delivers the capability to mix together multiple sources; features the latest touchscreen technology; its intuitive user interface allows operators to tap the audio channel they wish to hear, mix together incoming sources, and even adjust individual level and balance.
Stand: 10.B41

Closed-caption playout platform
Softel Swift TX

Flexible and cost-effective subtitle and closed-caption management and transmission platform reduces workflow complexity and increases reliability and productivity; features real-time transcoding and a range of automation interfaces; now available in ultra-high-density form factors, catering to the most demanding transmission environment.
Stand: 1.A27

Audio codec

Built for use over standard Internet connections; offers symmetric RTP mode that allows for quick setup of full-duplex connections without challenging NAT issues or the need for SIP infrastructure; provides seamless interoperability IQOYA V*MOTE, V*CALL, *MOBILE or any third-party IP codec supporting symmetric RTP- and
N/ACIP-compliant formats; audio transport technology ensures connection with efficient management of jitter, packet loss, clock drift, QoS and FEC.
Stand: 8.C51a

Miranda NV8140

Provides all of the advanced features of an enterprise-class router in a 144 x 288 matrix contained in just 8RU; designed for mobile production suites and smaller studios; includes robust features typically found in larger routers, such as redundant power supplies, control cards and crosspoints.
Stand 8.D41

Ingest system
ToolsOnAir just:in

Offers batch, scheduled and crash recording; comprehensive ingest system for single/multicamera or VTR setups; designed to seamlessly integrate into the production workflow of any TV station or post-production facility; allows recording into the Avid OP-Atom MXF container; optionally includes MXF4mac, in order to capture multiple video sources directly to the MXF OP1a container as well.
Stand: 7.G39

Loudness processor
Jünger M*AP

Combines an audio monitor controller and loudness measurement device in one unit, providing comprehensive quality control and loudness monitoring; designed for quality checking surround (5.1) and/or stereo programs, can be used for live monitoring and to ensure government regulation compliance; SDI board acts as an embedder; comes with video delay to compensate for any kind of audio delay; ideal for anyone looking to maintain lip sync in QA suites or control rooms; features built-in Dolby metadata generator and optional Dolby decoder.
Stand 10.D20

Interoperability platform
ScheduALL Chorus

Add-on module for the company’s Enterprise Resource Management system; enables the company’s business system to communicate with disparate broadcast control and media systems; provides an interoperability platform that eliminates the need to cobble together systems with bespoke interfaces, enabling users to automatically tie into, and work with, virtually any third-party software to streamline their operations, drive greater workflow efficiencies and improve overall profitability.
Stand: 1.D30

Signal module
Utah Scientific FLEX I/O

UTAH-400 routers and UTAH-100/XFD fiber distribution frames are now available for delivery with FLEX I/O signal module; by using the FLEX I/O plug-in SFP modules, users can now easily configure their systems to implement coax and fiber I/Os on a port-by-port basis; this capability simplifies configuration changes as users’ requirements change; FLEX I/O modules are also available to provide analog and DVI/HDMI conversion at the ports of the digital router; the result is maximized use of router resources for more streamlined operations and lower operational costs.
Stand: 2.B20

Note: Stand numbers are provided by IBC and are current as of press time. Every effort has been made by Broadcast Engineering to ensure the accuracy of these listings.