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Front Porch Digital extends DIVArchive integration with Avid Unity

Front Porch Digital has completed integration of DIVArchive with Avid Unity systems via the Avid TransferManger 2.9.1 intelligent media file-transport application. Licenses for these integrations are reviewed and granted on an individual basis by Avid.

Front Porch currently has deployed four successful DIVArchive installations with Avid licenses throughout Europe and Asia. A fifth Avid license has been approved for a DIVArchive installation for a broadcaster in Asia and is planned for delivery in the fourth quarter of this year.

Editors and managers in global broadcast facilities can gain important new capabilities and efficiencies through Front Porch’s DIVArchive system. Front Porch customers with the TransferManager API license are able to move content seamlessly between Avid Unity storage to and from any standard tape library system. The DIVArchive integration with Avid Unity can be scaled to meet expanding customer needs.

Multiple DIVArchive and Avid TransferManager servers can be added when workflow demands increased bandwidth and redundancy. The DIVArchive system, through its MetaSource functionality, will aggregate these TransferManager pipes, providing aggregate bandwidth and multiple data paths to serve parallel requests.

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