XenData Launches LTO Archives with Multiple Format Support

WALNUT CREEK, CALIF.: XenData announced it will be adding multiple standards support for its digital video archive product range. This includes the ability to write files to and restore from LTO tapes in LTFS (Linear Tape File System) as well as tar formats in a single digital video archive system. XenData’s implementation provides LTO interchangeability with other vendor’s archive systems and also allows easy conversion from one format to another.

XenData introduced the a file system interface for Windows servers to write to LTO tapes in 2005, making writing to and reading from LTO just like accessing disk storage. In 2009, the LTFS format was launched by IBM for use with LTO-5 and future LTO generations. LTFS splits an LTO tape into two partitions and maintains contents indexes on one tape partition and data files on another. It has been widely adopted as an interchange standard for LTO.

“Many video assets must be retained for very long periods. The format used to write to the storage medium is one of the key aspects of ensuring future access to these assets,” said Dr. Phil Storey, co-founder and CEO of XenData. “Our multiple-standards approach means that video files can be written to LTO in either or both of the leading formats--LTFS and open standards tar--ensuring accessibility for decades to come.”