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Witbe develops video monitoring system for 3-D stereoscopic TV

Witbe, a French provider of video QoE monitoring solutions, has developed a 3-D stereoscopic TV solution that will be available soon. The solution is based on the ITU-R BT.500 recommendation for nonreference video quality analysis for DTV.

As multichannel service subscribers spend more to view premium 3-D content, they will demand a higher quality of service. The Witbe 3-D TV monitoring system offers TV service providers and broadcasters an easy-to-implement solution to ensure quality.

The solution uses active robots that interact with any kind of 3-D services: on-demand or live content, including the set-top box. The Witbe system performs real-world users’ actions and verifies the results on-screen. It checks for the availability of both the left and right 960 x 1080 images as well as visual channel changing times. It also monitors picture quality, based on a subjective mean opinion score (MOS) for each left and right images, as well as the resulting 3-D stereoscopic image.

Witbe developed this solution working jointly with Cisco, Nagra, Numericable, Panasonic and Sagem as part of the 3D-HD Alliance group, which was formed to promote high quality in the 3-D world.