Western Digital buys FOR-A video stabilizers

FOR-A has sold six IVS-100 video stabilizers to Western Digital Video, a Las Vegas-based systems integrator for the U.S. Government.

Western Digital has contracts with several government agencies to design and install thermal imaging, infrared (IR) cameras and other long-range visible imaging systems for perimeter detection. In some cases, these installations are high-security projects with classified details.

Most of the installations involve placing imaging equipment on tall buildings, existing communications towers and on MRVs (Mobile Reconnaissance Vehicles) for long-distance surveillance, as well as on specialized armored transport vehicles, Western Digital said.

These imaging systems, because of their long focal length optics, enable their users to detect people on the ground at considerable distances. The FOR-A IVS-100 Video Stabilizers are used to steady the images from the jarring effects of high winds and vibrations.

FOR-A’s stabilizer electronically compensates for video shaking in real-time for either NTSC or PAL cameras. It also corrects unsteadiness on pre-recorded material by placing the stabilizer at the output of the recorder. The device corrects vertical and horizontal movement with sub-pixel level correction accuracy.

For more information, visit www.for-a.com.