Wallaszkovits Elected President of Audio Engineering Society

NEW YORK—The ballots are in for the Audio Engineering Society International elections, with Nadja Wallaszkovits being voted into the position of President-Elect. The election also raised a new Treasurer-Elect and new governors and vice presidents for the organization.

Nadja Wallaszkovits

As President-Elect, Wallaszkovits will first serve on the AES Board of Governors and Executive Committee before she will fully assume the presidency in October of 2018 for a one-year term. This October, current President-Elect David Scheirman will take over the presidency from Alex Case, who will remain on the Executive Committee as past president for the 2017-2018 term.

The AES’ new Treasurer-Elect will be Richard Wollrich. Joining the Board of Governors, Wollrich will serve alongside current Treasurer Garry Magolis for one-year before beginning his own two-year term as treasurer.

The election also added eight new governors and officers, all of whom will begin two-year terms this October. Mike Porter joins as vice president, central region, U.S. & Canada; Thomas Görne as vice president, central region, Europe; Ufuk Önen as vice president, southern region, Europe/Middle East/Africa; Cesar Lamschtein as vice president Latin America region; Shusen Wang as vice president international region (Asia); and Kyle P. Snyder, Jonathan Wyner and Martha de Francisco have been elected as governors.

In addition, a bylaw was approved that will change the position of VP International Region to VP Asia Region.